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Video Find: "Steppin' Out" Cover made on GarageBand for iPad

Played and recorded by Nguyen-Anh Le (discopalace123 on YouTube), this cover of Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out" was entirely recorded in GarageBand for iPad with an Alesis Q49 MIDI keyboard connected via the Camera Connection Kit.

This makes a nice, relatively portable, recording setup as he mentions in his blog post about this song.

And just because we enjoyed it so much, here's a cover of MGMT's "Kids" made completely in GarageBand for iPad as well:

Tune-in Tuesday: New iPad Made Sounds

We are enjoying our weekly trawl of SoundCloud for undiscovered (by us at least) iPad creations and we are also getting a steady stream of submissions to our iPad Creative SoundCloud group (please keep those coming, we love them).

Here's our trio of picks this week:

1.3 by qmartdes

Evgeny (qmartdes) is one of the most prolific contributors so far to our SoundCloud group. He was very excited about the imminent release of NanoStudio 1.3 (the Universal iPad version), so he created this track in anticipation.

It is a bright, summery track, exactly what we need to lift our mood on a rainy English Winter day.


Synthetica by El Brujo

Zdenek Altman (El Brujo) from Costa Rica created this track with GarageBand on his iPad. You may recognise the arpegiator if you have used it yourself in GarageBand, but we think he has made a great sounding Dance track with that classic Disco sound.

It reminded us of the soundtrack to an arcade game final scene - and that made us smile.

Chilling on the dentist chair by baouke

Bao Pham (baouke) is a ukulele and slide lap steel guitar player (and a dentist) who used GarageBand for iPad to make this mellow, laid back tune. We think it is a laudable first track made with his iPad. Here's what Bao says on his SoundCloud page about this track:

Since I'm a dentist in real life but at the same time I enjoy a lot making music, I decided to make a dedicated track to my profession! So this is a song I use to put as ambient music when I treat my patients!!!

This is my very first song done on the Ipad. Song was done on Ipad with my ukulele, Ashbory Bass and slide lap steel. I use Garageband to record and sequence everything.

Feel free to let us know what you think of these tracks or leave links to anything, iPad made, that you have found on SoundCloud in the comments below.

New iOS Music - Plus Send Us Yours

Now that we can embed iOS playable tunes from the prolific bunch of creatives over at SoundCloud (a bit like YouTube for audio), we thought we would try and share a few of the iPad-made tracks we come across over there, but there's more.

New iPad Creative SoundCloud Group

We are watching new additions to the various iPad and iOS groups on SoundCloud to see what musicians are creating with their devices but we have also created our own iPad Creative group.

Now you can send us your tracks directly at any time (from a computer) using the SoundCloud 'Send us your sounds' link under the Social section on the right hand side of this page -->

A Few Discoveries

We are really looking forward to hearing what sounds you create on your iPad and featuring them here for everyone to listen to. In the meantime, here are a couple of tracks we enjoyed listening to this week as we were browsing around SoundCloud: 

'Mizu Ryu' by Keiran Klaassen

This one takes a while to warm up, but give it a minute or so and we think you might like where it goes. All the synth sounds you hear are made in the awesome Animoog app.

'Chill by Fire' by Li$hus

Made in GarageBand for iPad, this is described as a "A relatively unpolished ditty…", but we still enjoyed it.

'Funny Hearts' by Rumbleheyner

This one made us smile, it sounds like the soundtrack to some sort of manic cartoon. Made on the iPad with Ampkit+, iSequence and StudioTrack.

Over to you

Plenty of iOS apps now have SoundCloud export built-in so it is easy to share your audio creations with the world.

If you're on SoundCloud already please join our group and if you have anything to share post your sounds.

Video - Crab Eyes by moe.


We hadn't heard of the quirky indie band moe. until we saw this video, but they look like they have a lot of fun on stage - and they like iPads!

Their story is a fun one too and we enjoyed reading about their 20 year / multi-album history over on their site.

This live version of the band's song "Crab Eyes", was played entirely with iPads using mostly GarageBand. There's even a great guitar solo with some fine vibrato bends around the 3:20 mark. Enjoy:

Feeling Chipper with GarageBand for iPad

We love playing around with GarageBand for iPad, which is probably obvious by the amount we talk about it here. We know that there will never be an album released with our names on it, not one that anyone would buy at least.

That doesn't stop us from crashing around these music apps and making all sorts of noises and just loving that we can do this with a tablet computer attached to a set of headphones, whilst sat in our lounge next to the better-half watching the latest trash TV.

We are fans of the resurging Chip Music movement so when we found 'Arcade Synth' in the Keyboards section of GarageBand we had to try and make something happen and set about making up a little riff over several sessions.

Here's a little excerpt from one of those sessions we call Arcadia Trill - made entirely in GarageBand for iPad primarily using the wonderful arpeggiator - posted just for fun and because we can now SoundCloud have their HTML5 widget working.

Steve Jobs / Apple Tribute by Ellen Once Again

Our friends over at the excellent Music Apps blog in Brazil alerted us to this new video by (iPad) Musician and allround Superstar Ellen.

Covering songs used in Apple's adverts, it is a personal tribute to both Apple and Steve Jobs, created and recorded entirely on the iPad and shot with an iPhone 4. Ellen does it Once Again!

Be sure to check out Ellen's post for more on how she made the track and what apps she used.

Video: iPad as a Recording Studio

Tide of Creativity

There is currently a virtual flood of music creativity out there using iOS and iDevices like the iPad. We are seeing new creations, new Apps, and new ideas every day.

Here is a new one posted on our Facebook page from Giuliano Soares da Silva [Facebook login required] whose guitar rig setup we posted about a few days ago.

Recording Setup

Giuliano has posted a video on his YouTube channel showing how he created the track below. In it he used the apps:

  • MultiTrack DAW
  • GarageBand
  • GeoSynth 

coupled up with some hardware that included: 

  • Roland TD3 Electronic Drumkit
  • iRig MIDI
  • Boss GT-8 
  • Camera Connection Kit
  • iPad and iPod Touch 

This is Feelings of the Soul (Demo):

Video Find: iPad Makes Music Education Fun

Here's a creative way to engage kids and help them learn how to make music using an iPad.

We've mentioned Kevin Honeycutt's inspirational teaching methods before and here he is at this year's ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference with a new twist on getting kids involved and motivated in education through music.

Using an iPad running GarageBand, attached to a Paper Jamz guitar, he demonstrates in this video just how tactile this experience can be.

We're tempted to go out and get a Paper Jamz guitar and try this out. What do you think, do you like Kevin's ideas?

Video Demo: Casio Keyboards, iPad MIDI and GarageBand

Here's a video demo that shows just how good the sound modelling is in Apple's agressively priced GarageBand for iPad.

The video, made for Australian music store Kosmic Sound, also shows how well the MIDI integration works with external keyboards on the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit.

We thought it was pretty impressive, what do you think?

Appstore Link: GarageBand for iPad

The Latter: A superb short film shot entirely on an iPad 2

Regular readers will remember one of our original posts where we expressed our belief that the iPad 'is a superb computer for consuming content, but we think its most natural vocation is for creating art.' Since then we have had the pleasure of watching in awe as iPad owners across the globe hammer that statement home.

The Latter, a short film shot on an iPad 2 and enhanced using various iPad apps, is a first class example of what can be accomplished given an iPad, a handful of inexpensive apps and a large helping of pure creative talent.

We are hoping to speak to Micah Moss, the creative chap behind The Latter, in due course. Head back here soon for more information on how this beautiful short film was created.