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'Can't Feel My Face' by The Weeknd


I'm really enjoying these GarageBand tutorials by Arvid Sandgren. His presentation style is very simple, but he still manages to convey all the information you need to get the cover version made.

'Photograph' by Ed Sheeran, a GarageBand tutorial

I've only just found Arvid's YouTube channel, so I'm still playing through the 40 or so iPad GarageBand tutorials on offer, including Photograph by Ed Sheeran, as shown above. I really like Arvid's method of teaching, it's quick, but not too quick. There are few better ways of learning how to use GarageBand than to create a complete cover track. It may not satisfy that creative urge, but it will help you become proficient enough with GarageBand to help you on your way. Plus you'll learn something about the structure of the song you're covering, no bad thing.

Guitar solo from Comfortably Numb recreated with GarageBand

You simply cannot produce this kind of thing on a Mac or PC, not without extra hardware at least. Despite what some still profess, the iPad really is one of the finest content creation devices ever made, and we believe it's only just getting started. 2015 should be an epic year for iPad owners.

My thanks to Firmin for inspiring us with this stunning creation. One day Apple will have the good sense to invite you, and others like you, to demo your skills on stage at an Apple keynote.

Source: Laughing Squid


'Summer Breeze' by Vincent Vermeulen

This new GarageBand groove from Vincent Vermeulen is a blissful reminder of the fantastic summer that we have enjoyed here in UK. Great work from Vincent, as always!

GarageBand: The Perfect Kiss by TelevatorMuzak 

I must admit, I've been ignoring GarageBand lately. I think it's because GarageBand isn't something that you can simply dip into for a few minutes. No, it takes a good chunk of time to really produce something satisfying, as Francis has demonstrated yet again. Thank you for sharing your work Francis, it's really appreciated.

Video: BIAS and GarageBand Play Nicely Together

Positive Grid are doing a good job of sharing tutorials and demos on YouTube of their new BIAS amp modelling app. If you don't know much about BIAS check out our review.

This video shows how to use your carefully crafted BIAS tone with Apple's Inter-App audio feature built in to the marvellous GarageBand. We hope you find it as useful we did.

'I Melt With You' by TelevatorMuzak

Francis (TelevatorMuzak on YouTube) is something of a GarageBand master. His covers are among the most lovingly crafted iPad songs we have ever encountered. If you're new to GarageBand, or even if you think you know all it has to offer, we strongly advise you to listen to all of Francis' work on YouTube. Below is a selection of some of our favourites.

'Feels Like Heaven' by TelevatorMuzak

Amazing Joe Satriani cover played in the new GarageBand for iPad

Francis once again demonstrates how to get the best out of GarageBand for iPad

More GarageBand perfection from TelevatorMuzak

'Just Like Heaven' by TelevatorMuzak

An introduction to GarageBand's Smart Strings

Few iPad apps demonstrate the remarkable possibilties offered by the blending of touch screen and computer quite as much as GarageBand. The Smart Strings section in GarageBand for iOS is probably where this is made most obvious. Smart Strings does take a little getting used to. This excellent free Smart Strings tutorial video may help.

We used Smart Strings to create the sound track in the video shown above. Just a little bit of practice pays big dividends! Why not give it a go and be sure to let us know if you create something special.

'Feels Like Heaven' by TelevatorMuzak

Yep, he's done it again!

More from Francis

GarageBand updated to include support for Audiobus!

In an almost unprecedented move, Apple has updated GarageBand to add support for the extremely popular Audiobus app. Audiobus enables inter-app workflow by offering live app-to-app audio streaming. Within 3 months, Audiobus has welcomed aboard over 100 iOS apps. With GarageBand support we imagine that just about every iOS developer will be looking to add Audiobus compatibility to their music creation apps.

We've tested GarageBand with a handful of popluar Audiobus compatible apps and everything worked as expected. Audiobus is an essential purchase. We could be witnessing the birth of a new standard here. Exciting times!

App Store Link: Audiobus