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iPad Music Creation Gets Even More Awesome Next Month

The future of iPad music making is looking very exciting thanks to the efforts of NLog Synth Pro's creators Tempo Rubato and SoundPrism makers Audanika. The iPad is going to be hit with a whole ton of awesome come September.

If you have been following the discussions on Twitter, the Developers' blogs and/or in the Google Group you will already know that these two companies have developed a way to connect concurrently running iPad apps so that instructions and user input can be passed between them.

There is now a 50 strong Google group of Developers, that is the beginning of a collaborative movement to connect a raft of iOS audio/music apps to each other using a commonly agreed framework.

Sebastian Dittman from Audanika explains a bit more about it in his blog post and his enthusiasm and excitement about getting this working is evident in his post and in the video below:

This is exactly what iOS musicians need and we are very, very excited about what it means for music creation on the iPad, especially as it relates to using just one self-contained device.

For a quick demo of the awesomeness to come check out the video below from NLog. To quote Sebastian Dittman, "The future looks bright", for sure!

iPad in 2011 - Where Are We Headed?

As we move into a new year we are naturally wondering what the future holds for iPad hardware and software development and which direction we are headed. There are many rumours and wonderful ideas being posted around the Web, especially regarding the new iPad expected around Spring.

But we would like to know what you want to see in 2011 and what you think will happen in the iPad sphere over the next 12 months.

We don't just mean 'iPad 2', we want to know what other hardware or software (iOS/Apps) developments you can see on the horizon for 2011. What new things are we in for? What can you see changing?

We think it is going to be a bumper year for iPad as Apple builds on the success of its first 9 months and with a rumoured 65 million screens on order for iPad 2 we are expecting massive growth in the user base.

So let us know in the comments below your wish-lists, ideas or expectations for iPad in 2011. We will post the best ones on our Twitter and Facebook pages.