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Friday Fun: iPad Guitar DJ Frame

Fancy performing live with some of the fancy iPad Synth and audio apps?  VJ Frank Z has you covered. He is taking pre-orders for a custom guitar-like frame which mounts your iPad and controllers on what looks like a snowboard for your very own live performance. Whilst some are scoffing at this idea, we happen to think it is very creative!

Check out the video evidence below, and extra kudos points to the person who leaves a comment naming all of the iPad music apps VJ Frank uses in his video:

Friday Fun: i can haz iPad

Say hello to LJ! The household cat and also regular iPad stand of Veronica Belmont, the First Lady of Tech. Not the cheapest iPad stand we've come across but certainly the most comforting. Puuurfect!

Friday Fun: iPad in Live Classical Concert

There is no end to the creative uses for the iPad it seems. It can even be used in the austere and haloed halls of classical music concerts, sort of. Here's classical pianist Lang Lang amusing the audience in one of his encores by playing the most technically challenging Flight of the Bumblebee on his iPad.

Yes, we know he is playing it with two fingers using the awesome Smule 'Magic Piano' app (which was inspired by Lang Lang himself according to Smule), but it still sounds cool, and we reckon it might have sold a few more iPads too!

Check back later today for a full post on Magic Piano and other iPad music creation apps.

Friday Fun: We've already seen iPad in Star Trek (Video evidence)

It is a Public Holiday here in the UK so we are in a light hearted mood on iPad-eve.  A lot of people have commented on the iPad looking like the tablet devices that are used in Sci-Fi TV and Films, and there is an app ready for the iPad launch which will make your iPad look like a Star Trek tablet device. 

So to start the day off we give you video evidence of Steve Jobs' inspiration.  Enjoy!


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