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Friday Fun: Technocat in a Suit

Well, it's Friday and, for many people desperate to get to the weekend, that means trawling YouTube for silly cat videos. What better way to justify watching a silly cat video than this creation from soon-to-be-YouTube-star bjseverns which was made 100% on his (jailbroken) iPad.

From the description (see below) it looks like a lot of work went into this video, and it made us laugh, so we hope it brightens up your Friday too:

And here's the description of how the video was made without leaving the iPad:

Here is an original movie I made 100% on iPad. I used Photopuppet HD for the animation, iMovie to put everything together, Garageband for the song, iMovie Extras for titles, iFile to move the GB audio to iMovie without iTunes and Reel Director for Zoom/pan and to transcode the Photopuppet video into a format that iMovie likes.

Friday Fun: The New Tron iPad

Got a White iPad 2 and an LED light? You might want to try this out. As the commenters say on YouTube, Apple should build this in to the next iPad!

And if you have a coloured LED...

Friday Fun: iPad 2 Hologram Setting Video

We were both shocked and excited to see this hidden mode on the iPad 2, it's just like a real Minority Report or Iron Man interface, we especially liked the Angry Birds demo, check it out!

This is the future tech we want really, so which version of the iPad do you think will have this technology then?

It is a very creative video demonstration of some mad 3D trackings skills. We love this stuff and the video below shows just how this was done.

Friday Fun: Music Video made with iPad GarageBand & iMovie

Although we are not sure about James Merryman's claim of 'First song recorded in GarageBand for iPad', we do think this is a fun, tounge-in-cheek, song and the fact that the video was shot on an iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie on the iPad makes it a winner for us. Enjoy!

Check out more of James' music, including his very popular Facebook 'Creeper' song.

Friday Fun: Steve Jobs iPad 2 Song

In honour of all our US friends who will be picking up an iPad 2 today, this one's for you!

Friday Fun: iPad 2 Review (just for fun)

What new iPad features will Apple be announcing next Wednesday? Who knows? But we think there are some great ideas here. Enjoy this (slightly overlong but funny) video parody.

Friday Fun: Zelda with iPads!

If you were to ask the iPad Creative team, "What are the two greatest things ever?", in one of our more whimsical moments, we would probably say the iPad... and Zelda.

Imgine how excited we were to find this video then, it is just perfect, we hope you like it too!

The video's creator is obviously a NES (and iOS) fan as he's also made some really creative video tutorials for Zelda and other classic NES games.

Known as GuizDP on YouTube (Guiz de Pessemier on Twitter) describes himself as "Freak video maker and iPhone musician". Be sure to check out the rest of his fantastic video library, and his website.

Friday Fun: Japanese iPad Music Video

We think there is something lost in translation here, but this video struck us as very cute and really quite catchy, so we hope it brightens up your Friday! The band ICHIZU (Japanese language site), made up of two Brothers and a Sister, have a few iTunes albums out, so we think they are for real.

It is good to see our friends in Japan getting into the iOS musician spirit too, even if they do use the Fart Piano (admittedly for one note only). Enjoy!

In case you're curious, here is a list of the apps used in making this song:

Piano Studio
Pro Keys
Six Strings
My Whistler
Cat Piano 
Fart Piano

Friday Fun: Ellen Hinton Does it Again

Ellen Hinton (aka EllenOnceAgain) has created a new iPad based song and iPhone video showing off her incredible musical talent and creativity.

A few weeks ago we let you know about her video featuring music played on an iPad, and video recorded on an iPhone 4. Now Ellen has released the new video above, a fantastic sounding retro mashup of Bruno Mars “Marry You” and Train’s “Marry Me".

To find out more about the super-talented Ellen and her music be sure to check out her site, where you can find out about the apps she used to create this song.

Congratulations Ellen on this one, we love it!

Friday Fun: Antique iPad Docks

Original and unique, these antique looking iPad/iPhone Docks from Old Time Computer hit our inbox a few days ago and we thought we would share them with you. 

The wood and brass fitted docks evoke images of large oak desks from yesteryear, but actually sync and even charge your most modern iPad. You can order them with cherry, hard maple, oak, hand painted marble and rusty metal finishes, so you should find one to suit your taste. There is even a custom model that includes a slot-in bay for 2.5" or 3.5" hard disks with an integrated backup button for $129 (£85.75).

We think these hardwood iPad docks have a great look and certainly provide something unique for the discerning iPad user to place on their desks. Be sure to check out the whole range over at Old Time Computer and while you are there have a look at the gorgeous keyboards and computers that we are now lusting after, especially the iMac below. Just look at that keyboard!