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Kids Paint Plus Lets the Kids Get Creative - for Free

Here in the UK it is a grim and miserable August day with rain threatening any moment, the kids are on their Summer Holidays and may end up stuck indoors all day bored and whinging, any parent's nightmare.  Help may be at hand if you are quick though.

Designed especially for little fingers and the big iPad screen creative drawing and painting app Kids Paint Plus is free for a very limited time as part of the AppEvent (a one month long showcase of apps from Dutch and Belgian developers, with one app a day being made free).


This app will help your little ones learn about colours and shapes whilst allowing them to experiment with virtually mess free finger painting which, as any parent who has had to clear up after a finger painting session knows, is a major advantage.  The app lets children pick a shape from around the screen and then touch on the main drawing area to add it. Young artists can also select colours and draw or paint into existing pictures.

When they have finished, their creations can be saved into the standard Photo Library and transferred to your computer or shared online as you can with any other image in your Library.  Maybe they can build in some Flickr or Twitter sharing in a future version?

We are not sure how long this will be free, it was this morning when we checked, so if you have little ones to entertain (it works on the iPhone too) go and grab it now.

Get Rafter HD for FREE this Sunday only

If you fancy grabbing a free copy of a great little physics based game with some special iPad only features, then make a note in your diary to visit the app store this Sunday 22nd August to download your copy of Rafter HD from Punflay.  The game usually retails for just  £1.19 ($1.99) anyway, but every penny helps right?

Punflay are offering both the iPhone and iPad version for free to mark the company's one year anniversary and to get more people playing Rafter. As you can see in the video, the gameplay is like some of the other physics games, with some really challenging puzzles and multiple solutions in the later levels.

Much of your success depends on your drawing skills to as the shape of the object directly affects your success, so creative types may have an advantage!

There are some unique features in Rafter (some only available in the iPad version) such as:

  • You decide the shape and size of the object being dropped by drawing it first
  • Now extended to 101 levels (from an initial 21)
  • Variable Gravity, Fan and Bounce (Buoyancy) controls to help solve puzzles (iPad)
  • Redrawn graphics for HD version
  • Moving and multiple targets

Coming up in a future version are new themes but most interestingly a level editor which should add a great deal of value to the game, especially for those who have completed the built-in levels and want to challenge themselves further.

Check out the video below from YouTube user TechTechReviews if you want to see more of the gameplay, and set yourself a reminder to go and get your free copy on Sunday (22nd August).

Sheet Music on Steroids now on your iPad - Etude for iPad released

We let you know back in mid-March that Wonder Warp Software were planning to release an iPad specific version of their brilliant piano tutor software Etude.  Well yesterday the Etude app was updated to a Universal app that will support both the iPhone/iPod Touch and your iPad, with device specific user interface and features.  

The iPad version looks really nice and they have maximised the use of the screen space to show much more of the score at the same time.

Even better, if you already own the Etude iPhone version, your iPad version is free! Otherwise, the app will only cost you $4.99 (£2.99), which is a very good price when you consider that you can download all of the sheet music and songs to play for free, with premium, artist licensed songs coming soon.

Etude can be downloaded from the app store now, or you can see more information about the app and a video demo here.

There's more - Free Mac software 

If you are on a Mac and want something to help create chord progressions or use as a teaching aid, you can get a free copy of Wonder Warp's SimpleChord desktop app.  This software lets you look up piano chords and create chord progressions of your own, and supports an external midi keyboard too.

It also includes a midi export option for the chord progressions that you create in SimpleChord, and these midi files can then be used in Garageband very simply as a new track, ready for you to add the rest of your masterpiece, or just use it to practice with.

SimpleChord would normally cost you $12.95, so it is worth a tweet to spread the word. Details are here.

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