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Memory of Colors - Beautiful Photography, Great Price

Fotopedia's new app 'Memory of Colors' contains a gorgeous collection of photographs by Artist and Photographer Jaime Ocampo-Rangel. The app is based on his personal project of the same name which culminated in an exhibit of 100, 2 metre tall, images and several short films.

The website describes it as:

A 12-year project that assembles a rainbow of 1,300 photos from 40 unique cultures in 18 countries (from Algeria to Yemen) and across 5 continents.

The colours are intrinsic to these endangered cultures and the colors are used as a way of organising the photographs within the app, along with other keywords such as ethnic group and country. There is also a fully zoomable map view with the customary pins representing the ethnic groups, an interface which should be familiar to any iOS user.

But it is the stunning photography and the awesome physical and emotional detail it reveals about its subjects that is prominent in the Memory of Colors app. This results in a mesmerising journey through the faces and characters from these ethnic groups. The iPad screen displays these images wonderfully in crisp, colourful detail, really showing off the iPad's strength as an art portfolio viewer.

If you want to dig deeper, information on the ethnic groups appearing in the photos is also available in-app via a dropdown menu, with links out to Wikipedia for more extensive information. This adds another element to the app making it more informative and educational.

Memory of Colors is currently available at an introductory price of $0.99 (59p) in the app store which we think is well worth it.

Even at the intended asking price of $2.99 there is so much to justify the price, the photography is outstanding, there are some truly delightful images here that will keep you in wonder for a good while.

"The Biggest Coffee Table Book Ever" - Fotopedia Heritage

Living on the doorstep of one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites (The Jurassic Coast), the iPad Creative team feel very priviliged and we are interested in anything that promotes this world-wide wonder, especially if it also involves our favourite gadget(s).

That is why we were intrigued to hear that Fotopedia in conjunction with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre have just released an update to their Fotopedia Heritage app, taking it to Version 1.2.

New and existing features

The 1.2 update brings with it some useful features including an updated navigation system but more importantly a quick and easy search function to your iPad (and iPhone).The search function enables you to quickly jump to any of the 890 UNESCO World Heritage sites and see some of the photos of that area from among the 20,000 contributed by Fotopedia members.

Other features of the app include access to information about the sites you are viewing, integration with TripAdvisor (potentially making the app a journey planning tool) and a browseable world map that looks like the Places module of iPhoto/Aperture.

Never ending story

More photos are being added all the time to Fotopedia's site and so the library of photos that you can browse will continue to expand beyond the 20,000 photos there already. Many of the photos are gorgeous to look at and all of this for FREE.

We have said it before, but we think the iPad is one of the best devices for browsing through and viewing photographs at their best and this app demonstrates that wonderfully.

"The biggest Coffee Table Book ever!"

Equally of note is the name behind this 'endless photo book' app and Fotopedia, former CTO at Apple and Steve Jobs' friend Jean-Marie Hullot.  If you have 30 minutes to spare, we highly recommend viewing Robert Scoble's interview with Hullot in the video below.

We found it really interesting and Hullot talks about the iPad being the inspiration behind the Fotopedia Heritage app experience and describes some of the key features and future developments for the app. There is even a mention about working with Steve Jobs thrown in the mix: