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And this is just the beginning?

Barely a month old and the iPad is already home to some powerful painting and illustration software. Of course, these apps didn't appear over night, many of them have been nurtured and grown to full maturity on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. The same can also be said of the artistic talent that is congregating around Apple 'latest creation'. Many of the artists that have contributed work to the iPad Creative, Art and Design Flickr group have been honing their skills on Apple's miniature multi-touch platform for a year or more.

It's true to say that the larger form factor of the iPad has enabled these artists to expand their horizons, to try things that would have been extremely tricky on the iPhone. You'll be amazed at how expressive iPad painting can be, with the broad range of tools already available, the only real limitation is your imagination and self belief.

If you need a little help with either of these two limitations be sure to regularly check the iPad Creative, Art and Design group for inspiration and confirmation of just what the iPad can really do.

Just look at the colour, texture and detail of Bejamin's 'See Saw' (seen above), it's quite special and the equal of anything we've seen painted using a Wacom tablet or even physical media. These are good times to be an artist, the tools are cheaper and more powerful than ever before. If this is just the beginning, it's hard to imagine what awaits us a few years from now.

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The iPad, a revolution in the creative arts

The iPad, a revolution in the creative arts

This is iPad Creative. We believe with every fibre of our being that Apple's magical machine is without equal. We believe that the iPad will spark a revolution in the creative arts not seen since the popularisation of the Internet at the end of the last millennium. What makes us so sure? In short, you do.

The potential for computers to assist artists in creating and performing art has been strikingly obvious for many years, but until now that potential has been – to the largest extent – only realised by those with a natural affinity for technology, those that because of their upbringing, their social location, or perhaps their age, just don't care for computers. The iPad changes all of that.

Now everyone, geek and non-geek alike, have a blank digital canvas, one which they can touch and hold, one which thanks to the creativity of Apple's finest engineers and the thousands of talented app designers requires almost no learning, no maintenance and certainly no prior experience with Microsoft Windows. Sure the iPad is a superb computer for consuming content, but we think its most natural vocation is for creating art.

Over the coming months we will be nurturing as many iPad focused creative communities as we can. Today we make a start by highlighting the phenomenal talent of iPad graphic artists. Using apps like Layers, ArtStudio, Brushes and SketchBook Pro, skilled artists like Corliss Blakely, Kevin Bee, Mike Dia and Suzi, have already begun to put together an impressive body of work.

As a testament to their skill and with the hope of encouraging other iPad artists to share their work we have set up the iPad Creative Art and Design group on Flickr. It's open to all and we sincerely hope that it will become a showcase of fine iPad art and a place to share ideas and voice opinions. We will be featuring the work of artists kind enough to contribute to the group, and as the group expands we shall run competitions based on the content of the group.

It's early days for the iPad creative scene, but already there is a strong sense of an important shift in the relationship between people and computers. If these early examples are an indication, human creativity has a powerful new canvas to play with.

Many thanks to all those that have contributed to the iPad Creative Art and Design Flickr group – spread the word. We have included a permanent link to the Flickr group in the 'Social' section on the right. We would love to hear from all iPad artists, whether you are creating content or creating apps, we are certain that you must have many great suggestions for how iPad Creative can nurture the creativity of all iPad owners. Please feel free to leave a comment below or email us directly if you prefer. Remember, this is just a small taste of what we have in store, so please be sure to bookmark the site and subscribe to our RSS feed.

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