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iPad Basics: Fullscreen Flash video playback with audio 

With analysts projecting iPad sales of somewhere between 30 to 60 million for 2011, every new month will bring with it millions of new iPad users. It occurred to us that there are many apps, which while certainly not essential, make owning an iPad that much more interesting, fun and generally more satisfying.

Over the next few weeks we'll cover everything from creative writing through to radio playback. If you are new to the iPad, or perhaps feel that the iPad is under performing on basic computing tasks be sure to follow us on Twitter and we'll let you know as each part of the series goes live.


iPad Basics:

How to get fullscreen Flash based video and audio playback on your iPad 

Splashtop Remote is head and shoulders above any remote desktop solution yet seen on the iPad. Like all remote desktop software Splashtop allows you to remotely control your PC or Mac across a network. Where Splashtop handily thrashes the competition is by providing these key features, and all for just $0.99 (£0.59):

  • High performance screen redraw
  • Streaming audio
  • Super simple setup
  • Near perfect multi-touch support
  • Free server software for both Windows and Mac

The combination of these features means that you gain full and fluid control of your PC or Mac that includes fast display refresh and audio streaming good enough to perform just about any task, including watching fullscreen Flash (or Silverlight) based video from services such as Hulu or ITV Player.

On our test system (a 4 year old Mac mini) it took no more than 6 seconds to gain full control of the computer. Once connected, the screen resolution of the Mac is reduced to match the screen resolution of the iPad and all audio is streamed through the iPad speakers rather than the Mac speaker. Controlling the Mac mini was simple, even selecting sections of text was relatively easy, something that has proven to be tricky on other remote desktop solutions.

Gaining full control of the home or office PC/Mac is, in our opinion, a basic iPad requirement, if only to completely circumvent the current lack of Flash support in iOS. Pick up a copy of Splashtop Remote now, you will be impressed.

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