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Fixiestudio For iPad Lets You Create Your Dream Hipster Bike

Like Bikes? Then you'll love playing Bike Designer with this Free app from Fixiestudio.com.

Fixies have a special place in the heart of many cycling enthusiasts (and cycle messengers). These hip, brakeless, single gear bikes are often seen nipping in and out of traffic. Arguably the coolest Fixie would be custom built for you to your design.

For those of us who can't afford our own custom built Fixie, (and even for those that can) there is now an iPad app that can help us dream about our unique mean machine.

The free Fixiestudio app emulates the Flash based configurator on the Fixiestudio website, which of course doesn't work on your iPad. This let's you design and spec out your very own dream machine right down to the colour and style of every part of the bike from the Headset to the Dropout.

Custom Shop

It is a lot of fun mixing up the colours and parts making up your new dream ride. If you're not sure where to start you can try the Presets menu and choose 'I feel lucky' which gives you a random selection of colours and components with some interesting results.

You can even play around with the gear ratio (top right of the screen) which gives you the number of Skid Patches that you would have (no brakes remember), the more the better for tyre wear. If you're not sure what that means have a look at this, it can be very important when there are no brakes!

A few things missing

We think there are a few things that could be added, like sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. once we have crafted our design, other than taking a screengrab. The app could also benefit from an undo/redo function negating the need to dig back through the menus to change an option back.

Also the design is completely reset if you exit out of the app, which we did a few times by accident, or intervention by little fingers eager to get to Finding Nemo.

It annoyed us too that the app didn't switch around when we held our iPad with the Home button on the left (our test case/stand works this way round), it just stayed upside down.

But those are just niggles because the app is free from the App Store. For fans of the site (over 7000 on Facebook) it is nice to have a version you can use on your iPad as opposed to the web Flash version. Give it a try!