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Amazing Extreme Sports Photography in Free Red Bull Illume App

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Beautiful and epic photography combined with great stories and audio commentary from the Photographers makes the free Red Bull Illume app a must have for us.

Red Bull Illume (Flash heavy site) is "the world’s premier action and adventure sports photography competition" according to the website. The images are truly stunning, especially for fans of adventure/extreme sports.

Here is what they say about the contest and the app:

22,764 photos were submitted to the renowned contest by 4,773 photographers from 112 countries. Fifty-three expert photo editors from around the world assessed the 250 semi-finalist photos and determined its Top Fifty, which currently tour the world in unique outdoor exhibits.

This iPad App gives us 250 reasons to celebrate the world of action and adventure sports, the photographers and the athletes who inspire them.

App Screenshot - Image Copyright Rami HanafiViewing amazing photos is great, but reading about the story behind them and hearing the photographers themselves talking about how they took the photos and the challenges involved is such a bonus. Many of the Top 50 entries include a brief audio commentary from the Photographer.

Each competition entry comes with a technical section too for those of us who want to know camera, shutter speed, lens, etc. used in the shot.

Any of the photos can be saved as wallpaper on your iPad, but the image is saved to your Photos app with a caption showing the photographer plus some logos which makes it a little less useable in our opinion.

If you really like the photo and want to let others know about it, the usual social sharing routes are available (and MySpace - does anyone still use that?).

We have to recommend this app for the truly awesome photography showcased in this competition, the shots look fantastic on the iPad screen too.

The app is free, so go and grab it from the App Store.