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David Hockney Brings iPad Art to the Masses

There are just under 4 weeks left to catch the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. This one is special for us because it prominently features Hockney's iPad art amongst the works displayed.

We haven't been able to make it up to London to see it, but if you are anywhere near the Royal Academy in the next few weeks we would recommend you make time to visit David Hockney's exhibition and if you have visited already, please leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of it.

ArtRage @t The Grove plus TV Spot

Raheem Nelson, a.k.a. Eye of the Sun God on FlickrTwitter and Facebook, is a cartoonist and iPad artist who also happens to be curating ArtRage @t The Grove. This event will display artwork created by several iPad artists from around the globe using the ArtRage app.

There will also be a chance for those attending the event to have a go at creating iPad art for themselves. Raheem explains a bit more about this event and how he uses ArtRage on his iPad in this spot from Connecticut TV studio WTNH.

It is a woefully short demonstration, and we're not sure they quite had time to 'get it', but it is good to see more mainstream coverage of the fantastic art that is being created by thousands of iPad artists.

To view more iPad created art be sure to check out the iPad Creative Flickr group. Don't forget to subscribe to the group's RSS feed to see the paintings as they are added every single day.

30 iPad Paintings in 30 Days

30/30Regular readers and members of our iPad Flickr group may already be familiar with Susan Murtaugh's inspirational and truly impressive iPad art, we are big fans of her work here.

The 30/30 Project

Suzi began a particularly challenging project a few days ago. From 21st October Suzi and 6 other (non-iPad) artists will be producing one painting each day for 30 days.

The paintings will be exhibited in a show at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek, Wisconsin running from 11th November to 30th December this year.

Suzi will be the first iPad artist to exhibit in this gallery and her paintings will be printed onto archival paper and exhibited alongside the other artists' work.

Suzi's hard work will culminate in a special iPad Fingerpainting Demo on 19th November when she will paint the last of her 30 images in front of an audience.

We are sure that, like us, you will blown away by Suzi's talent and wish her all the best in completing this challenge.

Follow Along

You can follow Suzi's Flickr stream to see her paintings as she posts them and keep up with her progress on the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, we're sure she would appreciate your encouraging comments too. 

Below we have included Suzi's first 2 iPad paintings to whet your appetite. They are beautifully painted and detailed as always and we are loving the 'hidden' numbering too. 

1 - by Susan Murtaugh (Suzi54241 on Flickr)

2 - by Susan Murtaugh (Suzi54241 on Flickr)

If you are able to make it along to the Peninsula Art School to see the exhibition, especially if you attend Suzi's Fingerpainting Demo on the 19th, we would love to hear what you thought in the comments.

Future/Canvas - iPad Art Showcase (plus video find)

iPads displaying beautiful refractive Prisms; Artists creating images live on their iPads; members of the public interacting with music creation apps and fractal models projected onto the walls with creativity oozing out of every corner - this is Future/Canvas an exhibition currently taking place in San Francisco.

It opened a few days ago, on 6th June, to coincide with this year's WWDC and is a showcase of all things creative to do with the iPad.

The exhibition features the work of several iPad artists from our Flickr group (an awesome pool of talent you should really check out) such as David Newman, Julia Kay, and the super talented Benjamin Rabe, as well as other artists.

The video below of the current Future/Canvas exhibit was posted by Leo Laporte's TWiT network and gives a nice sampling of the event for those of us that can't be there. We wish there was a bit more video of the artists at work but we're sure you will enjoy it anyway.

iPad Artists on Exhibit for SXSW

Juried by the super talented Corliss Blakely and tying in with this year's SXSW, the 'Art from iPad' Exhibition opens tonight in Austin, Texas.

This exhibition displays art created on the iPad by a range of artists, including some of the contributors to our iPad Creative Flickr Group. The art will be displayed in various ways using the Gallery's 58" HDTV, iMacs and iPads, as well as in printed form (which we would be most interested to see).

We would like to congratulate all the artists who will have their work exhibited, it is a fantastic demonstration of how the iPad can be used to create wonderful artistic content and an inspiration to others.

You can sample some of the art that will be exhibited in a special online preview. If you are fortunate enough to be headed to SXSW this weekend be sure to drop in and support your fellow iPad Creatives.

Free MOMA Art Exhibition on iPad

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York is one of the places we really want to visit but is unlikely that we will be able to in the foreseeable future (just the cost of flights from the UK could furnish us with a couple of iPads).

So it was nice to see that MOMA have released a free iPad app featuring one of their latest exhibitions Abstract Expressionist New York. The AB EX NY iPad App contains high resolution images of the pieces in this exhibition along with information about the artists and the city of New York. 

There are also videos and a glossary for art terms plus other information relevant to the exhibition, as you will see from the slightly bonkers promo video above.

A useful feature is the option to share on Twitter any pieces that you find particularly interesting. More free content including audio is also promised soon.

We mentioned last month a similar app released by the Art Institute of Chicago so there are a number of these interactive guides released now for the iPad, which we think is a good thing. It seems a natural fit and for those of us who would never see the exhibits otherwise, we appreciate the opportunity to browse the interactive content, benefitting from the iPad's larger screen size.

The AB EX NY iPad App is available free in the app store now so go and get it, and don't forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

David Hockney uses iPad as a Digital Canvas

An art exhibition displaying the artist's work on just iPads and iPhones (i.e. no canvas) opens to the public this week in Paris. David Hockney's use of the iPhone and, more recently, the iPad to create art with the Brushes app has been well reported.

So the fact that only iOS devices are being used to display his artwork and not the traditional prints or original pieces on canvas, seems appropriate and typical of Hockney's incorporation of technology into his art.

Hockney himself has commented that viewing his art on the Apple devices is entirely appropriate because that is where they were created and preserves the luminosity of the pieces, which would be hard to recreate properly on printed media. 

The digital approach to this exhibition even includes Hockney emailing his art pieces to the gallery for display. In another unique spin, because of this method of delivery, Hockney can add new pieces to the exhibition that he creates during its lifetime, one aspect to the 'Fresh' in the exhibition title.

Another innovation for the art world but one familiar to many of us already is inclusion of Brushes Viewer on some of the iPads, showing how Hockney created his artwork and the artistic process normally hidden from the public.

The Fleurs Fraîches (French language page) or "Fresh Flowers" exhibition starts this week and runs through to 30th January 2011 at the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent