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ESO Top 100 for iPad - Stunning Imagery of the Universe

We admit to being generally geeky here at iPad Creative, but we are especially Space geeks, we love anything to do with the majestic and ethereal world outside of this planet's tiny corner of the Universe, even more so when we can explore it from our iPads.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is a scientific and astronomical research organisation located in the Chilean desert across three different sites. They co-ordinate research between different International organisations and have a suite of ground based telescopes that facilitate this work.

Image Credit: ESO/Victor R. Ruiz

This free iPad app features the images from ESO's Top 100 webpage. With the app you can browse these stunning images, save them as wallpaper for your iPad, find out more detail on the content of the images and even run a slideshow with accompanying music.

Image Credit: ESO

As well as it's obvious educational value, we think the app is an entertaining way to view these images on your iPad and the slideshow (including ambient music) works very nicely when your iPad is idle and in 'desktop' mode.

The free download is available on the App Store right now.

Image Credit: ESOBonus - Portal to the Universe App

If you want more free content and to explore the Universe even further, the ESO have recently updated their Portal to the Universe (PTTU) app to work with the iPad.

This is a magazine style way of browsing much of the content available at the PTTU website, collated from numerous sources, not just one site as some similar apps do.

Sources included in the videos, news, podcasts and story updates are ESO, NASA, and the European Space Agency, and it is updated daily

The PTTU app is another great educational resource and a free download in the App Store.