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Prometheus themed fun for your iPad

Eric Merced's Prometheus

Ridley Scott is nothing if not ambitious. His latest Movie 'Prometheus', looks to be quite astonishing. For weeks we have soaked up the steady torrent of promotional material. From the clever Peter Weyland TED viral to the audacious international trailer, one thing is clear, Prometheus is visually stunning!

Promethues iPad Covers

You can join in the Prometheus fun on your iPad with these themed iPad wallpapers. If you're feeling a little more excited by the prospect of Ridley's semi-prequel to his 1979 classic 'Alien', you might like to encase your iPad in one of these Prometheus cases. It's also worth noting that the soundtrack is available on iTunes.

Weyland iPad Wallpaper

While searching for Prometheus themed iPad gear we came across this Prometheus inspired piece of artwork (seen above) painted by our friend Eric Merced.

Please be sure to check out more of Eric's stunning illustration work in his book available from the iBooks store.

iBooks Store Link: Cartooned, The Illustrative Works of Eric Merced

Comic book artist and illustrator Eric Merced reminds us of the potential of vector based iPad art

Adobe Ideas isn't an app that we feature too often. We fully admit that we have all but ignored vector based drawing apps, focusing instead on bitmap tools such as Brushes and ArtRage. It's time to address this bias and we can think of no better way of shifting the balance than to highlight the gorgeous illustrations of American comic book artist and illustrator Eric Merced.

Eric was kind enough to provide us with some samples of his work and a video demonstration (we know how much you love those!) of his illustration and inking method using a Targus stylus and Adobe's Ideas app.

In addition to Eric's obvious talent for character illustration we noticed just how natural he makes the whole process seem. Apple's 'pinch to zoom' control technique has never looked quite so intuitive.

Follow Eric's creations on his blog, or why not show your appreciation for his work by following him on Twitter. Be sure to check back here for more of Eric's work.