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Kids Canvas Review - Plus Win 1 of 5 copies

Kids Canvas from Swedish developers Epicore evokes memories of those white plastic boards with lots of holes, into which we used to stick little coloured plastic pegs to make pictures. But there is much more to this art app and a few nice surprises.

Kids Canvas was created as a way for little kids (and not so little) to experiment and express themselves using traditional tools such as perler beads, mosaic, marbles, sweets/candy, crayon, paint splashes and cross stitches.

You can also use Post-it notes as your material, reminding us of the recent Steve Jobs portrait created at an Apple Store in Munich, Germany.

A Few Surprises

A few nice surprises are included in your tool palette by way of animated versions of the crayon and paint splash tools, the latter jiggling around on the screen reminding us of that classic 70s cartoon Roobarb & Custard.

The iPad Creative kids really liked these animated tools but they loved even more the ladybugs which wander around after they have been painted on to the canvas. It's a little bit creepy seeing them crawl around your screen but fascinating at the same time.

Swap and Change

The great thing about these different tools is that they can be changed on the fly. So if you start with the paint splodges, changing the picture to ladybugs is just a case of selecting it from the tool palette and the picture is converted to the new medium as if it had been painted that way in the first place.

We think this is a very nice touch and a great way for kids to learn the effect of different creation tools / techniques on the same image.

Share and Collaborate

As well as saving your image to resume later (although there is no easy way to add it to your iPad's Photo Library), Kids Canvas offers the usual sharing routes for your creations via email and Facebook but no Twitter at the moment.

As you would expect from an app that was No 1 in the Apple Education Store in Sweden, there are already several hundred images being shared on the Kids Canvas Facebook page and plenty more being added all the time.

Another great sharing feature is built in to the email function. If the recipient of your email has Kids Canvas installed on their iPad, they can open the file and edit it from where you left off.

This could be really useful in a classroom environment for example, where you could ask one group to start a picture, another group to add to it and so on.

Imagine a student exchange with children in another country who could collaborate on the same images being passed back and forth via email.

Final Thoughts

If you have little ones who will be using your iPad we would definitely recommend you take a look at Kids Canvas. We're sure that they (and you) will have fun playing and creating images with it. 

The collaboration features are a nice addition too and we certainly see them being used creatively by educators.

Kids Canvas is available for $1.99 (£1.49) in the App Store but don't click that link just yet. Read on for your chance to bag a free copy.

Win a copy of Kids Canvas

Epicore have kindly provided 5 promo codes for us to give away to our readers. All you have to do is leave us a comment below and tell us what your favourite creative iPad app is. That's it.

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