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Video and Mini Review: We've Been Playing With VidRhythm

If you haven't tried VidRhythm yet from Harmonix Music (makers of Rock Band, Dance Central and Guitar Hero amongst others), we think you should.

It's great fun, hugely entertaining, often surprising and crazy-making, all at the same time.

Your Kids Will Love It

Kids love VidRhythm, they really enjoy seeing themselves in the final video it produces and are usually in fits of laughter watching them back.

As soon as they have finished watching one video they want to make another and they can do this on their own once they've had help with the first one.

The results can be a bit too frenetic to watch comfortably sometimes, do a search for VidRhythm on YouTube and you'll see what we mean!

It Goes Like This

Using VidRhythm is simple:

  • Choose a Song (listen to the samples and different styles)
  • Choose a Style (Theme for your video)
  • Record yourself saying a word or making a noise as directed
  • Make your video
  • Revel in your awesomeness
  • Save the video to your camera roll (if you want to keep it) and/or share it on YouTube and Facebook
  • Start from the beginning again

Here's one of the less maddening videos (seriously!) the iPad Creative kids made by themselves:

VidRhythm is a Universal app at just $1.99 (£1.49) in the App Store and is well worth a download even if it is just to keep the kids (big and little) entertained.