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The most natural eBook user interface yet seen?

Some have said that Apple's designs, both hardware and software, are so complete that it's almost impossible for competitors to come up with anything new without infringing on their patents. This smart eBook interface prototype from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) shows that competing against Apple's innovation is certainly not impossible. Many of the ideas on show are some of the most innovatitve we've seen in a long while.

We hope to see this technology implemented on the iPad (and other eBook readers) in some shape or form shortly.

Mika's Adventure - More Gorgeous iPad Interactivity

Mika's Adventure is the new interactive book/app from German multi-media company zuuka! under their actionboox brand. This is a beautifully illustrated story app that has some really nice interactive features to involve young readers such as hidden items that have to be uncovered by using the touchscreen, puzzles that uncover further parts of the story and challenges that engage the reader and help them to tell the story.

 The description sounds like just the thing to get young readers interested too:

“A dream is about to come true for Mika: For the first time in his life, he sets out to accompany his granny on one of her expeditions. On the day of their first joint exploration, the two have discovered a forest no one knew about to date. They anchor their airship– the Albatross – in the top branches of the highest trees and make their slow descent into the emerald green thick brush.”

Mika's Adventure is a bit pricey we think compared to other interactive books we have seen at $9.99 (£5.99) but it does look like a fun and immersive experience for younger readers (and the adults in their lives) and is available now in the app store

If you try this out we would like to know what you think, leave us a comment below.

War of the Worlds re-imagined

The classic H. G. Wells book War of the Worlds has been re-imagined as an interactive eBook and it looks really impressive.

We like to see this kind of innovation and creativity in publishing on the iPad and the mix of eBook with more interactive, almost gaming, elements make this a compelling app. We think it will definitely appeal to the target 'youth' audience who can get physically involved in the story through the iPad's touch interface, even starting the Martian invasion themselves as part of the interaction.

The key features (from the Press Release) include: 

  • 27 interactive, visually stunning pages integrated with text from the original 1898 publication
  • Intuitive design allows readers to touch-swipe the Martians Cylinders towards Earth and begin the invasion 
  • Features real-time motion graphics as readers gesture or tilt iPad through the Red Weeds
  • Touch interactive elements throughout the story that allow reader to act as Martian or Human
  • Aim the Tripod’s heat-ray to disintegrate fleeing people and artillery-men
  • Create ominous lightening storms, tap the crow to eat the dead Martian and throw the Canisters to emit the thick deadly, Black Smoke 

War of the Worlds is available now in the US app store (not available in the UK at the time of writing) for an 'Introductory' price of $3.99.