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Video: Joby Otero's Customised Case For Creating Art on iPad

We love it when people get creative on their iPads, but we also like to see people get creative with their iPad accessories. So here's an idea for a weekend project.

Digital Artist, and ex-Creative Director at Activision(!), Joby Otero has posted this video of his modded, DIY solution to his Anker iPad case.

He says it now perfectly supports his use of the iPad for art working and even coding. It's a pretty easy and inexpensive mod of the case if you don't want/can't afford to buy a new one and a keyboard is important to you. Enjoy!

How to: Tripod Mount Your New 5 Megapixel iPad

With the updated camera in the new iPad our attention is naturally turning to taking more acceptable quality photographs with our favourite tablet device. That of course raises the issue of holding the iPad steady, especially when we start talking about things like timelapse and low-light photography.

So we have looked into a few options that, although mostly made for iPad 2, should work or be updated to work soon, with the new iPad.

Movie Mount by Makayama

We mentioned the Movie Mount in a previous post. It was obviously designed for video not stills necessarily, but it seems sturdy enough to do the job. At $69.95 the price is reasonable and will do double-duty if you also want to take your video making to another level with external accessories.

There is no mention of the new iPad on Makayama's website though and we couldn't guarantee the current model will fit your new 3rd gen device, so there may be a little wait while they update it.

G7 Pro by iShot Mounts

For $10 more at $79.95 you could consider the more adjustable G7 Pro by iShot Mounts. This has adjustable corner clamps that promise to accommodate the new iPad as well as existing models, even if the iPad is in a case.

Tournez Tripod Mount by The Joy Factory

At the same $79.95 price point, the Tournez Tripod Mount by The Joy Factory is another solid looking option for photo and video purposes. It uses a snap in case to hold your iPad though and we have yet to hear if this will work with the new iPad, although some of their other cases are being updated to work with, or promoted as compatible with, it.

DIY for less

Image by Derrick Story - studio clamp ipad mountFinally, if you want to go down the DIY route and save a little bit of money, then you could try this.

Derrick Story (Photographer, Educator, Podcaster and all round Creative) has created a tripod mount setup from photographic lighting fittings (a clamp and a tripod adapter) that will work with any iPad model.

It seems to do a good job, it was even sturdy enough for Derrick to create a timelapse sequence which he turned into a movie using iStop Motion for iPad (more on this app soon).

There are probably similar, even cheaper, ways of achieving the same thing that Derrick did and we would love to hear from you if you have seen or tried for yourself any other DIY solutions for mounting your iPad on a tripod.

Who Would Have Thought a DIY iPad Stylus Would Be So Cool?

We just found this video on YouTube by artist and iPad user kobausks. He has made his own stylus out of a felt tip pen and tape, creative and economical!

But it is the results he gets from it that are impressive, he demonstrates using it with a range of Art apps on his iPad and even using one of our favourite apps Splashtop Remote to control Art apps on his Mac.

It is definitely worth watching the whole video, English titles are included but it might be better to watch in HD to see them better, or are we just getting old?

Video Find: DIY iPad Cycle Mount

It is funny what you find when trawling the Web for iPad related videos.  Over at Vimeo we found the video below, uploaded a few days ago from Alejandro Pozo.  It is a series of stills but shows how he has gone about creating his own mount after searching for a commercial solution.

Why would you want to do this?

a) Why not?

b) Imagine this as a map replacement for cycle touring or as a large screened GPS. There are a number of apps being developed for the iPad specifically, but iPhone versions of cycle apps already exist. Just do a search in the app store and you will find lots of them.

The potential for writing off our iPad concerns us a bit, given the likelihood of a fall when cycling especially in the Winter, but maybe if a sturdy enough casing was used this would be better.

What do you think? Do you know of any other good solutions for Cyclists? Let us know in the comments below.

DIY. How to mount an Ipad on a bike. from Alejandro Pozo on Vimeo.


Friday Fun: The iPad Typewriter

Got an old dust covered typewriter in the loft that you thought you would never use again? Well, dig it out, we've got something cool for you!

Give it enough time and there is no end to the creativity of some people as far as re-purposing old things as a dock for their iPad. We have covered a few of them recently. If they get it right, they might even create a little cottage industry around these devices, just like Jack Zylkin is beginning to.

Jack has devised a clever way to reuse old typewriters to act as a dock for your iPad, especially for those with a hankering after the old analogue way of life in this digitally swamped age. Jack gives you the option to buy a complete vintage typewriter set up and ready to go with your iPad (for around $300), or you can get the soldering iron out and buy just the kit itself (at $75) and try following the instructions to turn your own typewriter into an iPad dock. There is another option, send off the old typewriter and let Jack install the kit for you, which will cost $200 plus shipping.

We have looked through the instructions and it looks do-able, with some care and a day without any distractions. We are off to search through our Parents' lofts for old typewriters. If you try this, let us know how it goes, and in the meantime enjoy your weekend.

iPad Case Roundup - The other ones

In this the final instalment of our iPad case roundup we take a look at those cases which did not fit any of the other categories or that we felt we could not include in the previous posts. So far we have looked at Portfolio style cases, leave-on Skin or slim cases, slip cases/sleeves´╗┐ and more spacious Bags or Carry Cases.

Today's cases are more for fun really, although we would like a few of them for real. There are a few oddities, including a Do-it-yourself option for those on a really tight budget.

So we will kick off this final part of the series with:

Substrata iPad Box


It might seem a bit strange to want to wrap natural wood around a chunk of silicone and glass from Apple, but we like the idea a lot.  And these cases look gorgeous.

If you have seen Substrata's wooden iPhone cases, you will know what to expect from this innovative custom woodworking shop from the Portland, Oregon area.  The iPad cases are in prototype still, but the release date is slated for June, so surely not long to wait now. There are two models, the Sliding lid model and the Hinged lid model, the one we are looking at is the hinged lid (Box) case, as it seems to offer more protection and also has a stand action by folding back the front cover.

We like the curve of the wood on the bottom lip that gives the case when closed a lovely, smooth, tablet shape, that should slip nicely into your laptop or carry bag.  You can sign up to receive news on the iPad case releases from Substrata on their site and you can also view a complete gallery of the prototype wooden cases here.

Book for iPad

Spot the iPad case in this picture


Yep, it is the grey one in the middle that says simply 'Book' on the spine, but it is nicely camouflaged don't you think? Handmade by one guy in a studio in Minnesota, these 100% wool felt lined cases are made to look like an ordinary book from the outside.  We like these a lot too.


The linen used on the cover provides an authentic book like appearance and the banding at the top of the spine, along with the realistic looking pages around the edge add to the authenticity of the camouflaging.  The case combines the aforementioned felt sleeve internally with hardback casing to offer a good deal of everyday protection for your precious iPad.

The price tag is $89 and you can get the spine printed with custom text for an extra $5.  Whilst not a bargain, the 'Book' is very unique and lovingly handmade with the best of materials.  For a quality product that not everyone will have, we could go for this case.

Do-it-yourself iPad Book Case

There are quite a few DIY iPad case projects around the web, some of them actually quite good and others, not so!  The idea of making your own iPad case appeals to us though, partly because of the challenge, but partly to save money if we're honest.  Having recently spent hundreds of pounds on your iPad you are probably quite keen to save a few pennies on your accessories.

If you cannot afford the 'Book' case mentioned above, you can create something like it yourself with quite a bit of time and a certain amount of effort.

This project does require hacking a big hole out of an existing paper book, which feels a bit wrong to be honest. We have trouble throwing any book away still, but if you take the writer's suggestion and get a cheap, secondhand book that someone else was going to throw away anyway, then perhaps it is permissible.

We like this DIY project for the stealth aspect and because it is a fun and unique approach. The video below is from Ben, the creator of this project and how-to article, have a look and if you try it let us know how it goes by commenting below.

We hope you have enjoyed our series of posts on some of the cases you can get for your iPad. Whatever you use to protect and carry your iPad we would love to hear from you about your experiences and any recommendations you have for our readers, just leave us a comment below.

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