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Video: Animoog iPad Sound Design Tutorial Part 2 by Dubspot

We tweeted about this a few days ago, but in case you haven't seen it yet we just wanted to let you know that Dubspot have posted the second of Matt Cellitti's brilliant three part tutorial on sound design with the Animoog iPad app.

It's worth watching this video on your iPhone/Computer/other device so that you can follow along with Animoog on your iPad. We did this and it really helped.

Don't forget to check out the Dubspot website where you can find out more about their New York based on-site training and their newer online courses. 

Could this be your Ultimate iPad Bag?

A few weeks ago we posted 8 Great Etsy Finds for Your iPad in which we highlighted a handmade iPad Messenger Bag by UK based Etsy seller 'MadebyGrandad' aka Roy Stephenson.

Roy was kind enough to send us one of these bags to try out. We have used it every day now for nearly two weeks and we have to say we love it! In fact we like it so much we made a video showing just how roomy this bag is and how well it is constructed.

The video is at the bottom of the post, but first a few details about our requirements as iPad users and about these bags.

The Search for the Ultimate Bag

In our search for the ultimate bag we were looking for something that would securely accommodate our iPad and also act as a small camera bag or every day bag for general use. Another requirement was that the bag shouldn't advertise itself as a camera bag or declare the valuables within, unlike many of the main brand dedicated camera or iPad bags do.

Design and Construction

This Messenger Bag definitely ticks most of the boxes in our search for the ultimate iPad bag. The quality of construction is very high. Roy has done a fantastic job in using top-notch materials, carefully reinforcing the stress points and providing adequate padding where it is needed, which keeps the bag light.

It feels great to have a handmade item too with the care and attention that goes into making each one of these bags and the inherent uniqueness.

Suits You

Each bag is handmade by Roy, mainly from a standard design which costs £50 from his store. Of course the advantage of each bag being made from scratch on order is that you can have your bag customised to your requirements.

Extra or re-arranged pockets, different patterns on the lining or outer materials, contrast coloured zippers, key chain on the other side, within reason you can have whatever you want on your iPad Messenger Bag.

If you want something special you only have to ask when you visit Roy's Etsy store, where you can see a few more examples of his bags.

Custom designs currently being worked on for customers

Who Is It For?

As well as what you will see in the video below, this Messenger Bag has room for anything up to A4 size sketchpads or documents, so we think it will suit iPad owning: 

  • Artists 
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Journalists
  • Musicians
  • Students
  • Bike commuters
  • Parents

...and just about anyone who needs to carry their iPad around with them as well as their other daily bits and bobs. 

The easily adjustable, and fairly wide, strap  distributes the weight well when worn across the body. It was very comfortable when worn this way on a bike riding a few miles into / around town and back home.

We even used it sans-iPad as our main bag on a family day out last weekend, carrying lunch and drinks for four of us along with the usual iPhone, keys, wallet, season pass in the back pocket (plus the unused iPad pocket was very handy for carrying spare nappies and baby wipes).

Video Time

So here's the video, please check it out and let us know what you think.

After watching the video be sure to see the details below on how you can order your own iPad Messenger Bag.

Want One?

Hopefully we have whetted your appetite enough that you want one of your own iPad Messenger Bags from Roy. 

To order your bag just go to Roy's Etsy store or you can find out more about him and how he makes his products at his website

If you want something special or a different configuration just contact Roy via the 'Contact' button on the Etsy page. Be sure to let him know we sent you!

Thanks again to Roy for letting us road test this bag and his support in writing this review.

One Infinite Loop Could Be All Your iPad Needs

Apart from having a name that helps us create clever headlines, this new Kickstarter project by Designer and Engineer Tim Gushue has one of the most interesting and creative approaches to an iPad stand that we have seen.

The Infinite Loop stand goes from being super mobile like this:

To being a flexible but supportive iPad stand like this:

The project funding target was $27,500 and as of writing the pledges are around $50,000 (with 16 days still to go), so it looks like we will be seeing this thing for real in the near future, along with the iPhone mini version.

There are several pledge levels with $35 basically pre-ordering your iPad fitting Infinite Loop, but it will retail for $44.95, so it's worth backing the project now and saving yourself $10 plus a bit of a discount on shipping.

If you fancy a 'Limited Edition' black version of Infinite Loop, $75 will secure you both the iPad and iPhone versions in Black, with a nice little printed message declaring your support of the project.

We think the Infinite Loop will be a hit, especially with those who need to travel light with their iPad. More details can be found on the Kickstarter page but be sure to leave us a comment if you order one.

You can see the prototype in action below.

Fixiestudio For iPad Lets You Create Your Dream Hipster Bike

Like Bikes? Then you'll love playing Bike Designer with this Free app from Fixiestudio.com.

Fixies have a special place in the heart of many cycling enthusiasts (and cycle messengers). These hip, brakeless, single gear bikes are often seen nipping in and out of traffic. Arguably the coolest Fixie would be custom built for you to your design.

For those of us who can't afford our own custom built Fixie, (and even for those that can) there is now an iPad app that can help us dream about our unique mean machine.

The free Fixiestudio app emulates the Flash based configurator on the Fixiestudio website, which of course doesn't work on your iPad. This let's you design and spec out your very own dream machine right down to the colour and style of every part of the bike from the Headset to the Dropout.

Custom Shop

It is a lot of fun mixing up the colours and parts making up your new dream ride. If you're not sure where to start you can try the Presets menu and choose 'I feel lucky' which gives you a random selection of colours and components with some interesting results.

You can even play around with the gear ratio (top right of the screen) which gives you the number of Skid Patches that you would have (no brakes remember), the more the better for tyre wear. If you're not sure what that means have a look at this, it can be very important when there are no brakes!

A few things missing

We think there are a few things that could be added, like sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. once we have crafted our design, other than taking a screengrab. The app could also benefit from an undo/redo function negating the need to dig back through the menus to change an option back.

Also the design is completely reset if you exit out of the app, which we did a few times by accident, or intervention by little fingers eager to get to Finding Nemo.

It annoyed us too that the app didn't switch around when we held our iPad with the Home button on the left (our test case/stand works this way round), it just stayed upside down.

But those are just niggles because the app is free from the App Store. For fans of the site (over 7000 on Facebook) it is nice to have a version you can use on your iPad as opposed to the web Flash version. Give it a try!

A Creative Look at the iPad User Interface

User interface (UI) design is an incredibly creative field on touchscreen devices and one that George Kokkinidis decided to take a unique look at.

Part of Design Language, a Brooklyn based design studio, George keeps an 'Infographic Journal' and we recently stumbled across his post entitled 'Remnants of a Disappearing UI'.

George tracks the different approaches some Developers and UI Designers have taken to the touchscreen interface, given that the finger is just about the only input device that is used (certain styli excepted).

Starting with a clean screen for each app George used the app briefly, turned the iPad off, photographed the fingerprints left behind, and enhanced them a little to help the fingerprint traces stand out.

The result is a really interesting and creative look at how we use touchscreens, but in particular our favourite the iPad. We hope you find it interesting.

Be sure to check out George's post, where you can read his explanation and see the image at full resolution.

Project Mag - Get Designing (If You Can Find the Brief)

PROJECT magazine demo - issue 1 from PROJECT on Vimeo.

As this post is being typed, there are hopeful Creatives running around our Capital City (London - we're in the UK) trying to find some odd looking paper mannequins. Having already visited San Francisco and New York, these paper figures hold the co-ordinates to USB key dead-drops which, once found and inserted into a laptop, will provide the victorious hunter with the Creative Brief for designing the cover of Virgin's new Project magazine, a mag created to be viewed only on the iPad.

The twitter stream for the Project mag has revealed several of the places where these dead-drops will be in London today and it has been fun watching the tweets, but there are also pretty big clues on the Facebook page too.

If you are in London (specifically Soho, Camden, Holborn, Shoreditch and Southbank) today and you fancy the kind of exposure and kudos this level of project can bring, get searching now.

We think this is a fun and innovative way to run a competition and typical of Richard Branson's Virgin team but really what we are interested in are the submissions for the Project cover re-design and it is these that we look forward to seeing in Issue 3 of Project.

More information about the Project app/mag can be found on the Project blog.

Browse for Inspiration with free Galleried app

Galleried is an app that provides you with some stellar examples of current web design and a way to save (favourite) any designs you particularly like and/or want to refer back to in future.

The list is curated from sources such as CSS Mania, Creattica, Unmatched Style, and other sources which you may already be familiar with, but Galleried brings them all together in a very simple and fast working interface.

The app contains its own browser so that you always have access at any moment to the favourites icon (the little heart top left of the preview window) or so that you can return to the gallery of curated site designs by pressing the close icon (top right). 

We found a lot of sites that we liked in just a few minutes of using Galleried and it has also had the side benefit of introducing us to products and services we didn't know about before such as iCyte.com.

Galleried is available Free on the app store, check it out now.

MobileArtCon in New York this weekend - You Are Invited

We would dearly love to be in New York this weekend! Starting tomorrow 22nd October and continuing through to Monday 25th the first ever iAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) Mobile Art Conference will be held at will be held at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts.

The focus is on art and music created on handheld touchscreen devices, our favourite topic.

The Conference itself is on Saturday (23rd) and Sunday (24th). The Conference programme looks amazing with live demonstrations and hands-on sessions from some of the leading lights in iPad (and other mobile device) painting including David Kassan.

Healing Touch by Mia Robson (created on iPad with Brushes)There will even be a session with a live link to London where Paul Kercal (a UK based art teacher, iPad Creative Flickr Group member and, we hope, still reader of this blog) is leading a 'Team Teach' with a group of students, as he informed us about in his comment on our recent post.

We are very excited for everyone who will be involved in MobileArtCon and wish everyone the best for this weekend's activities, we are sure everyone will have a lot of fun.

Here is a bit more detail about the Conference from the Press Release, for more information and to see what it is all about check out the MobileArtCon website:

The free event features artist presentations, app demonstrations, and forums hosted by the world's most prolific artists and app developers. Topics range from publishing and printing options to theoretical discussions behind the evolution of digital art and its community. There will be hands on and interactive workshops including a Master Class demo by noted New York figurative painter David Kassan, whose Gizmodo-featured iPad demo became a 1 million-viewer internet sensation.

The conference also features multiple outside activities including a private artists' reception on October 22nd, plein-air painting sessions throughout the city, and a large scale group exhibition, "Illuminated Touch", displaying artworks generated by the attending artists on October 24th. The exhibition is open to the public and will be held 7pm-10pm at Openhouse Gallery in Manhattan.

If you are fortunate enough to be attending, or are in New York this weekend and decide to drop in on the exhibition, do let us know what you thought, we would love to hear from you.

3D Modelling Gets iPad Social


3D modelling evangelists and software developers 3DVIA have recently released an iPad version of their 3D model viewer, 3DVIA Mobile HD. An iPhone/iPod Touch version has been available for a year now, but the new version takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen real estate to allow panning, zooming and up close inspection using the multi-touch interface.

There are over 20,000 community provided 3D models on the site for you to play with and use in your projects and, once you have created a free account, you can search through and access all of these on your iPad. Using the Collage functionality, models can be placed on to existing images in your iPad's library, useful for things like room layouts, garden design, shop fitting previews, etc.

Anything you create in 3DVIA Mobile HD can be shared on Facebook too.

There are very few 3D Modelling apps available for the iPad so we thought this was a good solution, backed up by a massive online community and sharing resource to make a great tool for anyone, professionals or students, working in the 3D modelling arena.

´╗┐Normally $4.99, 3DVIA Mobile HD is being offered at the introductory price of $1.99 (£1.19) for a 'limited time' on the app store.

As always let us know if you use 3DVIA Mobile HD and what you think of it in the comments below.

Beautiful Painting with Light (and iPad) Video

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

This video demonstrates an enchanting and mind blowing 'painting with light' technique that uses movies played on the iPad, photographed with stop motion and multiple exposure techniques to produce floating block shaped text.

The end result is beautiful and amazing, and fortunately the creators Dentsu London (a creative communications agency) and BERG (a London based Design Agency) have blogged about and explain a little of the techniques used a the beginning of the video. 

If you like the video and/or want to know more about the techniques used please follow the links above, they make fascinating reading.

For now though, take a moment, sit back and watch this in HD at Full Screen, it is sure to make you wonder.