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How to: Tripod Mount Your New 5 Megapixel iPad

With the updated camera in the new iPad our attention is naturally turning to taking more acceptable quality photographs with our favourite tablet device. That of course raises the issue of holding the iPad steady, especially when we start talking about things like timelapse and low-light photography.

So we have looked into a few options that, although mostly made for iPad 2, should work or be updated to work soon, with the new iPad.

Movie Mount by Makayama

We mentioned the Movie Mount in a previous post. It was obviously designed for video not stills necessarily, but it seems sturdy enough to do the job. At $69.95 the price is reasonable and will do double-duty if you also want to take your video making to another level with external accessories.

There is no mention of the new iPad on Makayama's website though and we couldn't guarantee the current model will fit your new 3rd gen device, so there may be a little wait while they update it.

G7 Pro by iShot Mounts

For $10 more at $79.95 you could consider the more adjustable G7 Pro by iShot Mounts. This has adjustable corner clamps that promise to accommodate the new iPad as well as existing models, even if the iPad is in a case.

Tournez Tripod Mount by The Joy Factory

At the same $79.95 price point, the Tournez Tripod Mount by The Joy Factory is another solid looking option for photo and video purposes. It uses a snap in case to hold your iPad though and we have yet to hear if this will work with the new iPad, although some of their other cases are being updated to work with, or promoted as compatible with, it.

DIY for less

Image by Derrick Story - studio clamp ipad mountFinally, if you want to go down the DIY route and save a little bit of money, then you could try this.

Derrick Story (Photographer, Educator, Podcaster and all round Creative) has created a tripod mount setup from photographic lighting fittings (a clamp and a tripod adapter) that will work with any iPad model.

It seems to do a good job, it was even sturdy enough for Derrick to create a timelapse sequence which he turned into a movie using iStop Motion for iPad (more on this app soon).

There are probably similar, even cheaper, ways of achieving the same thing that Derrick did and we would love to hear from you if you have seen or tried for yourself any other DIY solutions for mounting your iPad on a tripod.

"The Nimble Photographer" - Leave the laptop at home

If you are into your photography, especially if you also use Apple's Aperture, iPhoto and/or Photoshop, then you have probably heard of Derrick Story already.  He is a Photographer, Writer and Educator (he literally wrote the book on Digital Photography and presents the Lynda.com training on Aperture).

I have just finished listening to Episode 226 of 'The Digital Story' podcast from the end of May this year (yes I am quite a way behind in my podcast listening) and I think that Photographers who are considering incorporating their iPad into their photographic workflow will find this very interesting.

The podcast episode is titled "The Nimble Photographer" and it is all about travelling light when out and about shooting, leaving the laptop at home.  Instead of lugging along a big (but beautiful) MacBook Pro, Derrick discusses the merits of bringing along the iPad to lighten the load.  Of course, the iPad is not the only weight/space saving piece of kit, he also takes the brilliant Canon S90 instead of DSLR plus lens(es), giving a total weight of just 5.5 pounds, which is about the same as the MacBook Pro on its own.

What the podcast and supporting video above highlight though is how Creatives can use the iPad as at least an interim device for reviewing and sharing their work when on the move, even if it does not completely replace a laptop.  This is ideal for when taking along a laptop is simply too cumbersome or even undesirable, e.g. when you need to stay 'nimble' and light.

You might also want to check out Derrick Story's other posts about the iPad over at The Digital Story site, of which there are many. We are loving reading these and we may well mention more nuggets that our readers may have missed as we discover them.

You can follow Derrick on Twitter too.

Thanks go to Derrick for sharing these great articles, podcasts and videos.