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A superb GarageBand drum kit tutorial video

Sure, this GarageBand tutorial video from iPad Music is a little on the short side, but if you've found the drum kit section of GarageBand a little daunting (we certainly have!), then this could be for you. I was able to play along to the basic beat demonstrated on the video after only a couple of viewings.

Source: iPad Music

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Video: Stunning Audio Samples in SampleTank

When we raved about the professional quality audio samples in IK Multimedia's new SampleTank app (still 50% off until 13th November), we wanted to show you how good these sound, but to be honest we don't have the skills. Fortunately, IK do, and they have added a page of video demos showing just how amazing their SampleTank app sounds.

Future Tech

Sometimes, we are guilty of taking all this for granted but remember, this is all happening on a portable tablet device, a computer that you can take with you wherever you go and plug it in to any MIDI keyboard via things like the iRig MIDI. Future-tech of our childhood is here!

On with the Demos

We have included a few of our favourites video demos below, to see the rest check out the page at IK Multimedia. For now though, grab a pair of headphones and listen to the quality of these samples, we think you will be impressed.

The nylon guitar and Sax sounds in this one are amazing, they sound better than our real nylon guitar

Beautiful piano sounds in this one

Waddle over and take a look at what Penguin Books plan for the iPad

Penguin Books the British book publishing subsidiary is celebrating its 75th anniversary during 2010. Penguin seem eager to push their publications onto the iPad. If this video demonstration is any indication it will probably pick up a brand new revenue stream soon enough. Check out the video below, it's worth watching in its entirety.

Wired magazine in iPad format

It's no surprise that the magazine industry is looking for ways to get their best content into a format that can take advantage of all that the iPad has to offer. In this demonstration Wired show what might be possible in a post iPad world.