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Future/Canvas - iPad Art Showcase (plus video find)

iPads displaying beautiful refractive Prisms; Artists creating images live on their iPads; members of the public interacting with music creation apps and fractal models projected onto the walls with creativity oozing out of every corner - this is Future/Canvas an exhibition currently taking place in San Francisco.

It opened a few days ago, on 6th June, to coincide with this year's WWDC and is a showcase of all things creative to do with the iPad.

The exhibition features the work of several iPad artists from our Flickr group (an awesome pool of talent you should really check out) such as David Newman, Julia Kay, and the super talented Benjamin Rabe, as well as other artists.

The video below of the current Future/Canvas exhibit was posted by Leo Laporte's TWiT network and gives a nice sampling of the event for those of us that can't be there. We wish there was a bit more video of the artists at work but we're sure you will enjoy it anyway.

Woz by David Newman

You may have seen this already but we just wanted to make sure you hadn't missed this one from David Newman. As 'Silicon Valley's artist-in-residence', Newman has been using Macs since the early 80's and more recently the iPad to create some wonderful paintings and his latest subject, Steve Wozniak, is going to appeal to Apple geeks everywhere.

iPad Portrait Of Steve Wozniak at Work TodayWoz himself, on his Facebook page, said it is the "Best photo or painting of me ever!" and he is now using it as his profile pic. Woz also explains in another post that Newman took a screenshot of his SketchBook Pro workflow every 3 minutes to create key frames for the video above.

It is fun how Newman deconstructs the picture at the end of the video too, reminding us of the steps he took to get there (and how he starts with Woz's name as the background).

We love seeing the creative process in action like this, showing how an artist layers up an image and creates light and shapes to construct their image. It is something that we could never appreciate fully from just looking at the final piece and we are grateful to all the artists who are sharing their creative processes for the rest of us to wonder at.

Newman's work is amongst the 4,700 plus images submitted to our iPad Creative Art and Design Flickr Group, check out the rest of the images too, there are some amazing pieces there.