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'Drew Barrymore' by David Chong

We've featured David's work before, but this is just perfect. Such great use of colour!

Another perfect portrait by David Chong!

We make no excuses for featuring David's work again. This new portrait is just stunning! Painted using Brushes 2 in about 4.5 hours, completely freehand.

Ipad finger painting model for mauboussin by chaseroflight d5filwr

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Scarlett Johansson by David Chong

David Chong may refer to himself as an amateur artist, but his iPad work suggests otherwise. His latest creation,a stunning portrait of Scarlett Johansson, is without doubt one of the best portraits we've seen this year. Actually, scratch that, it's one the best touch screen paintings we have come across since starting iPad Creative back in 2010

We are so thankful that artists like David share their videos on YouTube, it makes learning to paint with the iPad so much easier.

You can view more of David's iPad work here. Also, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Stunning Dark Knight and Spider-man themed paintings by David Chong

Like every other superhero fan on the planet we are pulling on the reins in anticipation for the release of The Dark Knight Rises at the end of the week. If early reviews are accurate, it looks like it will be a fitting conclusion to Nolan's powerful trilogy.

Both The Dark Knight Rises and the recent Spider-man reboot have provided inspiration for some stunning paintings by David Chong. Over on Deviantart David explains the challenges and rewards of painting with the iPad.

"First of all, painting on the iPad is pretty much the same as painting on traditional media except for (1) the difficulty in control, (2) the addition of a "redo" button, and (3) the ability to zoom.

I suppose one of my strengths is with the precision of control. So (1) wasn't really difficult for me to overcome. But it is (2) and (3) that makes painting detail on iPad possible. 

While I can paint the general outline and even to a fair amount of detail without zooming in, it is simply impossible to achieve very fine details given the difficulty in finger control. The redo function helps with this because I can draw a stroke, and erase and draw again if I find the positioning problematic. This pretty much helps me to achieve a fair bit of detail. But I would usually zoom in for the really fine parts such as the eyes and lips.



All in all, I have been taking about 3 hrs for my most recent paintings such as the one on Kaneshiro Takeshi, the Catwoman, and Emma Watson (with her chin tilted upwards). Hopefully I can cut down more on the time as I practise more.

Other than that, drawing on the iPad really isn't so different from doing my pencil sketches"

Be sure to subscribe to David's YouTube Channel for future paintings.