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The Cosmonaut: Could this be the Perfect iPad Stylus?


The Cosmonaut is a new design for a Touchscreen stylus from Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost. These are the two creative individuals that brought us the Glif iPhone 4 mount which has been a huge success.

How is it different?

This stylus looks a lot different (ok, fatter) than any of the previous pen-based styli that we have seen and as the video shows, the design is based on a marker pen to provide more comfortable handling. It looks very effective and anyone who has used a current stylus for a long time will know that it can be quite awkward to hold depending on what you are doing.

Looking at it in some shots it looks a little too large but we think we would really have to try one out in-hand before we could say if it was any better than other styli we have tried.

The Cosmonaut is demoed in the video being used with a variety of apps including Adobe Ideas, Penultimate, SketchBook Pro, Flight Control HD, amongst others.

If you like it Fund it

Like the Glif, The Cosmonaut is a Kickstarter project, which means it is just a protype at the moment and the guys need funding to make a go of it commercially. But this time their model is different.

Instead of setting pledge amounts (usually in pricing bands) they have instead allocated 3000 pledge slots and you can donate any amount you want to.

The caveat being that the project has a funding target of $50,000, so if everyone decides to pay $1 for their pledge they will only get $3000 and miss their target by a long way.

The good news is, with just 186 backers pledging so far (at time of writing) their total is already nearly $3000.

Your Turn

Take a look at the video below (if you are on an iOS device you will need to go to the Kickstarter page as their embeds do not work). If want to see The Cosmonaut make it to production get on over there now and pledge as much as you can afford (around $25 is a 'guide price').

If you have any comments or thoughts about The Cosmonaut (keep them clean please) then let us know in the comments.