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Get Smart with your Art

You can now get a customised iPad smart cover printed with your own artwork or photo(s) to show the world how much you love creating art on your iPad, or maybe even just how much you love your kids, pets, bike, car, etc.

Photobox here in the UK are one such company producing these smart covers with all the usual features you find in Apple's Smart Cover such as magnetic snap-on hinges, sleep when closed and the Toblerone style stand action.

At £34.99 for a custom vinyl smart cover it is actually a penny cheaper than the Apple's Smart Cover, although, without seeing one in the flesh we can't say if the quality is anywhere near as good. Photobox has always been fairly impressive in the past though in our experience.

Do you fancy getting your own customised smart cover? Let us know if you do, and what you decide to put on it.

iPad Cases You Might Like

It's been a while since we mentioned any iPad cases, so we thought we would tell you about a few cases that have popped up on our radar recently in case you missed them:

Pantone Universe

These cases are not even out yet, but they are already causing quite a buzz in the iPad community. Perfect for blending in when you are staying at the Pantone Hotel, there are 4 iPad and 9 iPhone 4 Pantone approved coloured cases under their Pantone Universe brand in partnership with Monaco based Case Scenario.


(via designboom - amongst many others)


Zazzle Speck Hard Shell Cases

There are literally hundreds of designs on Zazzle's site that can be printed on to a special fabric backed Speck hard shell iPad case which provides access to all the controls and ports on your device. Most cases are around the $50 mark.

You can browse by category or search for something specific and if you can't find it, then you can upload your own photo or image and make a truly custom case for your iPad.

It didn't take us too long to upload our image and make this cover, to the point where it was ready to order. We quite like it! 


Crux 360

Still only available on pre-order at $149, the hopefully-not-vaporware iPad case from Crux that promises to be a movie stand, keyboard enabled workstation and all-round protector of your device, has a neat promotional video on the website which we have been watching over and over whilst hovering a finger over the 'pre-order now' button.

Check out the video below and let us know if you hit that pre-order button, we want to know what you think when it finally arrives.