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Video: Joby Otero's Customised Case For Creating Art on iPad

We love it when people get creative on their iPads, but we also like to see people get creative with their iPad accessories. So here's an idea for a weekend project.

Digital Artist, and ex-Creative Director at Activision(!), Joby Otero has posted this video of his modded, DIY solution to his Anker iPad case.

He says it now perfectly supports his use of the iPad for art working and even coding. It's a pretty easy and inexpensive mod of the case if you don't want/can't afford to buy a new one and a keyboard is important to you. Enjoy!

The piTrio Perform for Free and You Can Join Them

If you are anywhere near Plymouth in the UK next weekend you might want to check out the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, specifically the piTrio (Plymouth iPad Trio).

Put together by Alexis Kirke, a Composer, Poet, Critic and Writer (amongst many other things), the piTrio will be performing a three part audio/visual piece inline with the Festival's theme of Explore, Dream and Discover.

You are invited not only to join the audience but also to bring your own iOS device along and become part of the performance:

...come to the Roland Levinsky Foyer at Plymouth University at 2:15pm on Saturday 11th Feb. All welcome! Bring your iPad or iPhone and technical help will be available so you can put music software on your iPhone / iPad and join in with Alexis Kirke, Oliver Quinland and Jules Burt (the Plymouth iPad Trio - www.pitrio.com). We'll be done by 3:30pm. No musical skills required and all ages can join in. For more info contact support@pitrio.com Part of the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2012.

Check out the video below from Alexis about some of the apps being used in the performance and the thoughts behind it:

Creative Kids Get Stylish with Toca Hair Salon

Over the holidays we have spent a lot of time with friends and family. Of course the iPad has been a big draw, especially for the kids, and one of their favourite apps this weekend has been Toca Hair Salon by prolific iOS Developers Toca Boca.

Here's their promo video so you can see what the app is like in action:

Creative Fun

We really like this app because it encourages creative play through its bright colours, sense of humour and detailed but easy to use toolset.

Our kids laughed every time they used the hair dryer (and so did we) and they loved it when the character smiled, meaning they were happy with the style they had been given.

Great Sounding Fun

The act of snipping or clipping hair away and adding colour is made all the more realistic with a fantastic sound set that adds volumes (pun intended) to your enjoyment of the app. The whole experience is pure addictive fun!

When you want to share your creations you can take a photo and it is added to your iPad's Camera Roll.

For keeping kids entertained and coming back for more, in addition to offering up some creative downtime for the big kids too, we would highly recommend Toca Hair Salon. We think you will love it.

App Store Link: Toca Hair Salon - Universal App ($1.99 / £1.49)

Video and Mini Review: We've Been Playing With VidRhythm

If you haven't tried VidRhythm yet from Harmonix Music (makers of Rock Band, Dance Central and Guitar Hero amongst others), we think you should.

It's great fun, hugely entertaining, often surprising and crazy-making, all at the same time.

Your Kids Will Love It

Kids love VidRhythm, they really enjoy seeing themselves in the final video it produces and are usually in fits of laughter watching them back.

As soon as they have finished watching one video they want to make another and they can do this on their own once they've had help with the first one.

The results can be a bit too frenetic to watch comfortably sometimes, do a search for VidRhythm on YouTube and you'll see what we mean!

It Goes Like This

Using VidRhythm is simple:

  • Choose a Song (listen to the samples and different styles)
  • Choose a Style (Theme for your video)
  • Record yourself saying a word or making a noise as directed
  • Make your video
  • Revel in your awesomeness
  • Save the video to your camera roll (if you want to keep it) and/or share it on YouTube and Facebook
  • Start from the beginning again

Here's one of the less maddening videos (seriously!) the iPad Creative kids made by themselves:

VidRhythm is a Universal app at just $1.99 (£1.49) in the App Store and is well worth a download even if it is just to keep the kids (big and little) entertained.

Video Review: 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad

We tried the iPhone version of 100 Cameras in 1 when it was released last year, but for some reason it didn't really impress us that much, so we weren't sure about buying the iPad version.

After taking the plunge though (it's only £1.79) we found it seems to make more sense on the larger screen of the iPad and we really liked it and thought you might too.

It's not HDR

The app comes from Trey Ratcliff, a well known photographer, world traveller and HDR proponent who generously gives away a lot of his work (including a daily photo) plus lots of photography resources at his site Stuck in Customs and via his very good email newsletter.

But, this is not an HDR app.

The idea behind 100 Cameras in 1 is to produce something unique from any image through a combination of fully adjustable effects - and to have fun doing it!

Poetic licence

Each effect/filter has a 'poetic' phrase or description to try and get you in the creative frame of mind and to provide some idea of the overall result on your image. It is better if you try not to be too cynical here and just go with it, a few of them even make sense.

100 Cameras screenshot

Not for everything

It is certainly not an app you would use for every photo, but 100 Cameras in 1 is a wonderful app for those quiet moments when you can take some time out, sit back with your iPad and let the creative juices flow.

We would suggest it is definitely worth taking that time to really dig into the effects and filters available and experiment by generating a new series of effects based on your result (see what we mean in the video below).

iPad 2 adds another element

On the iPad 2 of course, in addition to editing photos already in your library, you can also take photos in-app and start getting creative with the image right away. We could be cruel and say it is probably the only way the iPad 2 photos are useable, but we won't.

See 100 Cameras in action

It is easier to show you how this app works than describe it any futher, so here is our video overview of the main features of the app (shot on iPhone 4 and edited wholly in iMovie for iPad). See below for more features and buying info.:


(The fantastic 'Chiptune' music used in this video is Arpanauts (Eric Skiff) / CC BY 3.0) from freemusicarchive.org)

Feature list and purchasing info

  • Fast, simple, and light. Designed for speed and ease-of-use
  • Use your existing library to give existing photos 100 new magical looks 
  • or… take new photos (iPad 2+ only) 
  • 100 different effects that use mixes of hardlight, overlay, and more with beautiful textures from around the world. 
  • A “new” kind of app that takes the editing process in a whole new, beautiful directions 
  • Share your photos on email, Twitter, Facebook, SmugMug and Flickr! 
  • iPad version has many many additional features, including hi-res effects at 2000×2000 pixels. 
  • Poetic names so that you get a general feel of the effect to put you in a creative mood 
  • A new “Explore” area with helpful hints, good links, and even more 
  • Uses a predictive algorithm to guess which way you will “swipe” the image next so that the upcoming effects load instantly

100 Cameras in 1 is available now in the App Store at $2.99 (£1.79).

This Week on iPad Creative - 28th March to 2nd April 2011

This week's posts, all in on place, in case you missed anything:

iPad 2 HD video capture, is it good enough? - We ask the question, give our opinion and provide some of our own video samples for you to examine and judge for yourself.

The Cosmonaut: Could this be the Perfect iPad Stylus? - We take a look at this Kickstarter project for a new Stylus, plus some good comments have been added.

When the Smart Cover is Not Enough Marware Has You Covered - A quick look at an alternative to Apple's Smart Cover that includes protection for the back of your iPad 2, but we are a bit skeptical about colour choice!

Great Video of Smart Instruments in GarageBand for iPad - As the title suggests, a nice demo video, epecially worth watching if you are curious about Smart Instruments in GarageBand.

Already have a Smart Cover? Marware Microshell Covers Your Back - If you have a Smart Cover and you want to carry on using it, you might like these to cover the back of your iPad 2.

Real Racing 2 HD not looking so special on your new iPad 2? This might help - How to get RR2 HD running on your iPad 2 like it should. It is well worth it!

Can the iPad revolution continue throughout 2011? - One year on, we stick our necks out with some predictions for the iPad in the next 12 months.

A superb 40 minute GarageBand tutorial video - A useful and thorough look at GarageBand from butterscotch.com.

Getting Creative with iPad 2's Camera - An impressive way of using the limited still camera in iPad 2 for some creative results.

Fixiestudio For iPad Lets You Create Your Dream Hipster Bike - If you are into bikes then you will probably love playing with this free app and dreaming up your ideal hipster cycle.

Friday Fun: iPad 2 Hologram Setting Video - A bit of fun but actually something we would love to see for real, plus a very interesting look at how the video was made using 3D tracking.

Aurora soundtrack courtesy of the KORG iMS-20 app - A great timelapse video with an iPad created soundtrack.

Project Mag - Get Designing (If You Can Find the Brief)

PROJECT magazine demo - issue 1 from PROJECT on Vimeo.

As this post is being typed, there are hopeful Creatives running around our Capital City (London - we're in the UK) trying to find some odd looking paper mannequins. Having already visited San Francisco and New York, these paper figures hold the co-ordinates to USB key dead-drops which, once found and inserted into a laptop, will provide the victorious hunter with the Creative Brief for designing the cover of Virgin's new Project magazine, a mag created to be viewed only on the iPad.

The twitter stream for the Project mag has revealed several of the places where these dead-drops will be in London today and it has been fun watching the tweets, but there are also pretty big clues on the Facebook page too.

If you are in London (specifically Soho, Camden, Holborn, Shoreditch and Southbank) today and you fancy the kind of exposure and kudos this level of project can bring, get searching now.

We think this is a fun and innovative way to run a competition and typical of Richard Branson's Virgin team but really what we are interested in are the submissions for the Project cover re-design and it is these that we look forward to seeing in Issue 3 of Project.

More information about the Project app/mag can be found on the Project blog.

Browse for Inspiration with free Galleried app

Galleried is an app that provides you with some stellar examples of current web design and a way to save (favourite) any designs you particularly like and/or want to refer back to in future.

The list is curated from sources such as CSS Mania, Creattica, Unmatched Style, and other sources which you may already be familiar with, but Galleried brings them all together in a very simple and fast working interface.

The app contains its own browser so that you always have access at any moment to the favourites icon (the little heart top left of the preview window) or so that you can return to the gallery of curated site designs by pressing the close icon (top right). 

We found a lot of sites that we liked in just a few minutes of using Galleried and it has also had the side benefit of introducing us to products and services we didn't know about before such as iCyte.com.

Galleried is available Free on the app store, check it out now.

Are you a Sketchbook Hero

by sketchguy on flickr (click the picture to see a larger version)If you have used Autodesk's Sketchbook Mobile or Sketchbook Pro for iPad you will have seen J Shuster's Image every time you started the app.

Autodesk are looking for the next Sketchbook Hero to grace the start screens of millions of users, it could be you!

If you have the skills and have created an awesome image using any of the Sketchbook apps, the next SketchBook Hero could be you.

Check out the competition page for more details but be sure to read the rules and submission guidelines before entering the competition. Judges will be marking entries out of 100 points based on: 

  • 30 points – Creativity and Originality 
  • 30 points – Technical Expertise 
  • 20 points – Composition and Design 
  • 20 points – Reflection of the Autodesk Brand

Don't forget to check out the amazing drawings, paintings and illustrations by the many iPad artists in our iPad Creative Flickr group, some of which have been created in Sketchbook Pro (including the ones here).

by yon~nie on flickr (click the picture to see the original version on flickr)

Visit the Art Institute of Chicago - from your sofa

Whilst we have a lot of great museums and display spaces here in the UK, we know that there is a whole world of Art installations and collections that we will never see.  The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) for example have one of the worlds best collections of French Impressionist paintings apparently and this collection is showcased in the AIC's first app French Impressionism at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The app is interesting because, as well as being a virtual tour of the collection (not all of which is viewable at any one time in the Institute itself) there are additional features that visitors to the Institute would not get on their own, such as extra descriptions of the paintings and artist biographies. The app offers a good deal of information for students of French Impressionism too, with the artwork being viewable on your iPad to study.

The HD version of the app is available with a 33% discount for at least today (we are nearing the end of their two week introductory period) making it just $3.99 (£2.39) in the app store. The iPhone version is offered with 50% off at $1.99 (£1.19).

Below we take a look at the company behind this app and how creative organisations can deliver enhanced content like this to mobile devices. But first, here are some of the key features of the French Impressionism at the Art Institute of Chicago app:

  • High-resolution images of 100+ iconic works—drawn from the original scans that only the Art Institute has—from the museum’s world-renowned collection
  • Informative and engaging entries on each painting by the museum’s curators
  • Biographies of the 22 artists whose works are represented
  • Videos related to the art works and to the history of the collection
  • Narrated virtual tours of select Impressionist galleries at the museum
  • A photo-rich history of the development of this magnificent collection
  • Exclusive detailed descriptions not available in the galleries

The Business Model for Creative Institutions

As well as the app itself, our interest was aroused by the video below regarding the business model and service offered by the Developers of the app Toura, a New York based company who provide a solution called Toura Mobile App Producer. This enables their clients to create multi-media tours and guides which are then distributed via the iTunes App store, as well as to Android, Nokia and BlackBerry platforms.

This method of content creation from existing resources such as current CMS systems is an interesting and developing form of digital publishing, which of course has been given a massive boost by devices such as the iPhone and more specifically the iPad with its larger display.

Watch the video below for more info on how Toura developed this model, how the process works, their funding, and their expansion plans in this industry: