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Video Find: Miniot Cover Review - Buying Decisions

We had a Miniot Wood Cover on order but we have just cancelled it, for several reasons, including massive delays in production and shipping (we would not have got ours until the end of May/early June) plus a lot of consternation we have seen on Twitter and in forums about some Miniot Covers' magnets not working properly and not laying flat.

If we are honest, the cost too was really more than we wanted to pay, despite the impulse purchase, so sadly we decided to cancel.

The video below also helped us to finally decide that, as gorgeous as the Miniot Wood Cover is, its practicality is not as good as Apple's Smart Cover. Thank you to YouTube user iplay360 for sharing this with us, we hope it helps others decide if the Miniot Cover is right for them.

If you have ordered a Miniot Wood Cover be sure to let us know if you plan on going ahead with your order or not, we would like to hear your thoughts.

Get Creative with the Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover

We mentioned the Miniot iPad 2 cover a few weeks ago but it is now available to order with a host of options that we didn't realise were going to be available, and they are all lovely looking.

Option 1 - The most economical ($70) "Standard series" gives you a straightforward selection of 6 different types of wood and black 'Ultrasuede' lining.

Option 2 - "Pick your wood" allows you to select from a Cover Flow like gallery of woods and 9 different colours for the 'Ultrasuede' lining.

Option 3 - "Tone your own" lets you pick a starting point then change the colour of the individual panels or bars so that it's possible to create a truly unique cover for your iPad. This one is fun to play around with and it is worth visiting the site to see what you can come up with.

Another nice feature is that each version of the Miniot Cover comes with a free engraving option for text or a logo/image which needs to be a black and white JPG.

Shipping is currently around 4-5 weeks from the Netherlands and this small, family run business, is fighting to cope with the massive interest in these gorgeous covers, so order now if you want one anytime soon.

We are configuring our order now!

Declare your Angry Birds Obsession on your iPad 2


This new iPad 2 back cover from Gear4 is going to appeal to a few people, over 100 million to be precise.

If you are looking to protect the back of your beloved iPad 2 and declare your addiction to one of the most successful games ever, check the three versions out. And if you have an iPhone 4, there are some different Angry Birds designs for you too.

Smart Cover Users Warning

As far as we can tell, these iPad 2 covers do not include a cutout for the Smart Cover hinges, so you may want to check that first before ordering.

Already have a Smart Cover? Marware Microshell Covers Your Back

Earlier we posted about Marware's alternative to the Apple Smart Cover which also protected the back of the iPad. But what if you already have a Smart Cover and want to keep it but are worried about scratching the back of your iPad 2?

Marware is one of the accessory manufacturers beginning to release (for pre-order) covers just for the back of your iPad 2.

The Microshell iPad 2 Case is basically the back part of the Microshell Folio cover we mentioned earlier today with camera, buttons and port cutouts as you would expect. But notably this is designed to be used in conjunction with Apple's Smart Cover. It has a specially designed cut-out for the magnetic hinge of the Smart Cover as you can see on the left side of the picture below. 

A Mismatch?

The big problem we can see is that the colours do not match the Smart Covers. The Black is probably acceptable and perhaps the Silver but the Red and Pink definitely do not look like they are going to match and there isn't even a White Smart Cover available, maybe this one is meant to complement your White iPad 2?

What about the other colours that the Smart Cover comes in? Maybe Marware meant the colours to 'complement' a different coloured Smart Cover so that you can make a statement, we're not convinced though.

If you have an Apple Smart Cover already, what do you think? Does this kind of back protection appeal to you? And what about the colours? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

When the Smart Cover is Not Enough Marware Has You Covered

We like Apple's Smart Cover a lot, but for many the fact that it leaves the back of your iPad 2 completely exposed is not so great. For those that want the Smart Cover functionality but more protection Marware is soon to release their Microshell Folio for iPad 2.

This Microshell case includes magnets in the front cover so that it puts your iPad 2 to sleep and wakes it again as does the Smart Cover. It also emulates the foldable design of the Smart Cover so that you can prop up your iPad in horizontal or vertical format.

But it also includes a rubberised polycarbonate shell to protect the back of your iPad in an attempt to keep it free from scratches and knocks, thus preserving its resell value (let's be honest, that's probably what you are concerned about too).

The back cover obviously has a cut out for the camera and allows access to the top and side buttons plus the dock so it can be charged/synced without removing the cover.  

From what we can tell, it looks like you have to use both parts together, so this only good for people who want to permanently cover their iPad 2 completely whilst using this case but you can always pop the iPad out when you need to. The disadvantage to this is that you can't then stand your iPad 2 up to watch video or type on a flat surface, but for hand holding the iPad this would be fine, until the kids get hold of it.

It is currently advertised in Black only, but one of the UK suppliers also has it in Silver or Pink for pre-order on their site, so we think new colours will be released soon.

What do you think? Would this sway you from getting one of Apple's Smart Covers? Or are you regretting your Smart Cover purchase? Let us know in the comments.

Miniot Offers a Real Wood Smart-ish Cover

Forget your Spacesuit plastic and Leather, for a more vegetarian option why not cover your iPad 2 screen with wood? This magnetic backed wooden cover from Miniot in Holland looks gorgeous and works similar to Apple's Smart Cover as you will see in the video. But in addition you can get it custom engraved to add even more uniqueness to your iPad 2.

We think it is a great alternative and something a little special, what do you think?

Jaw-dropping Daft Punk cover using the KORG iMS-20 app

This epic cover of Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack shows how flexible the KORG iMS-20 app is. Call us old school if you like, but there are parts of this cover that actually sound better than the original. The game has changed!

Another classic covered by the KORG iMS-20 app can be found here.

If you have created something that you'd like us to share with the iPad Creative community, please feel free to drop us a line.

More Friday Fun: Missing Vinyl Records? Try this on your iPad!

The problem with digital music is that there is nothing physical to connect with, apart from the device you are playing it on.

If you go back as far as tapes or even Vinyl records you will no doubt remember reading the liner notes and staring at the artwork held in your hands, whilst listening to your new album and making the neural connections between them.

That is the philosopy behind ReVinyl a new app for the iPad (and iPhone) from DJ and vinyl collector Christian Faber.  It sounds like rather a grandiose premise for a music quiz, but here is what Christian says about his reasons for developing ReVinyl:

...I sometimes miss the meditative ritual of putting on some wax, studying the cover and diving into the music. Taking the time out to just listen when your vinyl hunt is over and the prey is brought back to the collection.

The convenience of buying digital music makes it almost too easy. Trawling through thousands and thousands of records in innumerable record stores taught me the magic of discovering new and old music in a random and chaotic way. The record cover visuals seduce and have a symbiotic relationship with the sound of the music, and vice versa. Revinyl aims to reconnect this bond between the album cover and the music inside. Discovering new music should be fun and what better way to have fun than using and expanding your music knowledge.

Playing the Game

The game itself is quite fun to play in single player mode, this is where you see the albums represented by the cover art, thrown on top of each other on a desk, and you can pick them up, move them around and select the one you are hearing.  

This is the 're-discovery' mode of the game and relies on you knowing the song and the cover art for that album (sometimes you get more than one album from the same artist). You hear a few seconds snippet of the song at a random point in the track and the faster you answer the more points you get with the bonus question adding to your score.

The game is best when played as a multiplayer, which on the iPhone is a bit fiddly, but the larger iPad screen should allow four players comfortably.

In 'PartyMode' each player has a different coloured section of the screen and you hit your section as soon as you know the song. First one to hit their button gets a stab at answering the question. You get to choose how many questions and which level (1-5) you want to play at.

You can turn off certain Categories in the settings before a PartyMode game, so your audio books and Children's music doesn't appear in the game, but our iTunes libraries are not that organised so it didn't work for some tracks. Mary Poppins still made an appearance next to Guns N' Roses in our quizzes.

We think it would be better if you could base the quiz on certain playlists as well, which are easier to set up in iTunes to exclude albums or artists as well as genres.

We liked the graphical elements, which are minimalistic, clean and modern looking, making the game easily accessible.

Shows Potential

It is the future developments which are most interesting about this app though.  Here is what is planned for future versions:

  • Connect with other players via WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Share music to create quizzes
  • Access the iTunes music store (presumably previews) to create quizzes
  • Share customised quizzes with others
  • Discover music and purchase it immediately 

We are not sure Apple will allow some of this, especially access to the iTunes previews, but if he can deliver on that promise Christian will definitely have a winner on his hands. We just hope it doesn't take too long to update the app with these features as they will greatly enhance the value of this app.

If you are curious, there is a video of the iPhone version of the game running at the site if you want to check it out first. ReVinyl is available now for just $0.99 (59p) in the app store and it is definitely worth that price for multiplayer fun on the iPad.

Friday Fun: The iPad - now in Hardback

Got an iPad loaded with eBooks? Got lots of 'real' hardback books hanging around taking up space that you don't want to throw away?  Re-purpose a hardback book into a case for your iPad - watch this video from Larry Greenberg (more detail below the video):

These cases are made by Etsy seller vintagecovers (artist Randy Belyk) and the design of the case seems pretty sturdy. We like the strap that fastens around the back cover when closed to keep the iPad wrapped up tight and also stretches across and attaches to the front cover when used as a stand to prevent slipping. Nice touch!

There are some pre-prepared covers on the site using vintage books but if, like Larry in the video above, you have a classic book (or comic it seems) then Randy can make you a custom cover.

A custom vintage cover for your iPad will cost you around $50, but you really will have a unique case for your iPad.

If you get one of these let us know what you think of it in the comments below.