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Anomaly Warzone Earth HD: The best iPad game we have played this year

It's not often that we are able to recommend an iPad game without any hesitation, but we certainly can for Anomaly Warzone Earth HD by Chillingo. We adore tower defence games on iOS devices, but we think this new innovative take on this gaming style plots a new and exciting path for the genre. Instead of placing armoured towers in the pathway of an invading army, you are tasked with guiding a convoy of armoured vehicles through enemy territory as part of a larger offence move. It's basically a convoy offence game.

Satisfaction comes from picking the perfect route and deploying special weapons at just the right moment. At no time can you stop or reverse your convoy so the pressure to think strategically, and at speed, is constantly present. As you deal with the battle on the current corner, the conflict that awaits you on the next corner will be playing on your mind. It's engaging and absorbing.

This challenging gameplay is decorated with some superb visual and audio effects. The narrative, whilst hardly original, is just interesting enough to hold your attention throughout the entire campaign.

We congratulate 11 Bit Studios for successfully turning the tower defence genre on its head.

App Store Link: Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Source: Smashpop

Play Kalei: A super casual kaleidoscope matching game

The iPad is home to a wide range of games, from full console quality experiences like Dead Space through to the more casual fun of Little Things, Play Kalei (working title) looks to be in an entirely new genre, super casual. We'll reserve judgement until we get a chance to shift some kaleidoscopes for ourselves, but we are certainly impressed by the originality on show. As Touch Arcade recently described...

"The basic idea in Play Kalei is that you’re presented with a high quality photograph and a random point of the picture is highlighted in a circular window in the upper corner of the screen. The catch is that the window highlighting the point in the photograph is shown as if you’re looking at it through a kaleidoscope, and you must find that particular point by matching the kaleidoscope view in a second window by sliding your finger around the screen".

It's out soon, be sure to follow us on Twitter for a heads-up when it goes live.

Source: Touch Arcade.