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Video Demo: Casio Keyboards, iPad MIDI and GarageBand

Here's a video demo that shows just how good the sound modelling is in Apple's agressively priced GarageBand for iPad.

The video, made for Australian music store Kosmic Sound, also shows how well the MIDI integration works with external keyboards on the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit.

We thought it was pretty impressive, what do you think?

Appstore Link: GarageBand for iPad

Record iPad Audio on the Move with the Samson Meteor Mic

Podcasters, Musicians, Journalists and anyone wanting to record quality audio on their iPad may be interested in the retro/alien-looking Meteor Mic from Samson. You may have seen the buzz around this mic at CES and NAMM earlier this year but it is now available to purchase for $99.

This little USB mic can be connected to your iPad via the Camera Connection Kit (CCK) and promises to give clean audio into GarageBand or other audio recording app. Samson is promoting the CCK and GarageBand iPad angle in their PR as you can see from the picture below.

We like the portability of the Meteor Mic and the desktop foldout stand which makes it look like a little alien or spaceship on your desk. Excluding the need for an additional stand is very handy, especially when away from home/office.

The audio sounds good too in the video review below by uniquesquared.com who got a pre-release version of the mic and demonstrate it recording both voice and guitar.

If you plan on getting a Meteor Mic or have any thoughts on it be sure to let us know in the comments.

iPad and MIDI - Create Digital Music goes deep

We found this really interesting video on YouTube and wanted to make sure you had seen it. Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music (CDM) demonstrates music creation on the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit and various external hardware devices.

If you want to get your audio/MIDI geek on, this video is backed up by a brilliantly in-depth column over at CDM. There are a lot more videos and some great commentary on the vagaries of using the iPad and MIDI devices/software in that article, which we highly recommend reading.

iPad Used to Record Cover of a Classic Song

How about this then? Probably one of the most technically proficient iPad recorded songs we have ever featured, this Stairway to Heaven cover, played on the iPhone and recorded entirely on an iPad using Multitrack DAW, shows what can be done exclusively on iOS devices with some careful planning and probably quite a bit of musical talent.

YouTube user InrockK played this cover version with GuitarStudio and iShred from Frontier Design Group (thanks for the heads-up guys) and iGOG (Drums), with further instruments played via ThumbJam.

The interesting thing here is that InrockK has used a Behringer USB audio interface connected to the iPad dock connector via the CCK rather than going via the headphone socket with something like iRig or Ampkit Link. 

The result, although a little muzak sounding, is an impressive display of the iOS devices' potential to create and record music independently. It has also made us think again about Multitrack DAW which, amongst many other features, has waveform editing and a paid upgrade to 24 stereo tracks for recording!

What do you think? Tried anything similar yourself? Let us know in the comments.

How to get Audio into your iPad

There is nothing more certain than Apple Geeks trying to use Apple kit for things it is not meant to be used for.

We have experimented a little bit with Apple's Camera Connection Kit (CCK) and audio input to the iPad. The potential is certainly there for fairly clean audio input, with audio output from the headphone socket for monitoring.

You may have heard of OctoPod, now named StudioMini, an iPhone multitrack recording app with built in drum samples. There is an iPad optimised version now, StudioMini XL, with 7 recordable tracks (compared to the iPhone version's 3). We have used the iPhone version and it is a nice app and the drum samples are useful to have to hand for formulating song ideas or recording a whole song without worrying about recording a drum setup.

The developer of StudioMini/XL is himself a professional musician with a wealth of recording experience and he has been experimenting with different ways of recording to the iPad and iPhone using StudioMini, but the principles can be applied to any audio recording app on the iOS devices.

Thankfully for us, he has recorded a series of videos and posted them to YouTube to share his research, including one on using the iRig (not recommended without some sort of amp modeliing). In the video below he is demonstrating how you can use the CCK with a Griffin iMic, a mixer and an assortment of cables to record audio, in this case a guitar, on your iPad.

We found the whole series really interesting, as will anyone else grappling with the best way to record instruments and vocals on their iPad, but if you have tried anything else and it works for you, do let us know about it in the comments.