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Loopseque For Kids - Fun and Educational

We liked the original version of Casual Underground's Loopseque a lot and now they have released a special version of the app aimed at younger ones starting to explore music creation on the iPad. It is being offered for only $0.99 (69p for us) at the moment so we purchased it to see what our little testers thought of it.

Fun and Familiar

Loopseque Kids is a fun app with cute graphics and sounds, some of them restful, some not so much. If you have used Loopseque before then the user interface will be familiar to you with it's circular soundfield but unlike the original, to switch between one of the (only) three sound sets you touch the circle in the middle. This changes the sounds, graphics and colours to match a particular time of day, either daytime, dusk or nighttime.

Loopseque kids sunset

Sound Choices

Too much choice can be confusing for very young ones or those new to music making and this app is aimed at being an introduction to music creation for youngsters, but within those three sound sets there is a good range of tunes that you can create.

In addition to the main circular sound grid there are little trees, houses, hills, clouds and sun or moon, all of which have their own assigned sounds too that can be played over the top of your arrangement.

Whilst limited, the app is a lot of fun and, with a bit of experimentation, can even be quite soothing with the nighttime sounds especially.

Play Your Own

For slightly older ones, the limited soundest can be a bit frustrating and our (admittedly short attention spanned) 6 year old tester found this to be the case.

That's where the piano mode comes in. This gives you a circular keyboard with a couple of different instrument sounds covering a lower and higher octave. We liked this mode for enabling experimentation and it is multitimbral so you can play chords plus a melody if you have the skills.

Loopseque kids piano night

For less than a dollar (or pound) we think Loopseque Kids is a great app to have on your iPad both to encourage musical exploration for your little ones and as another distraction technique on long journeys.

You can download Loopseque Kids from the App Store now and if you have little ones using your iPad we recommend you do so.

If you try this out with your young iPad users be sure to let us know what you think.