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Video: Steve Jobs Tribute iPad Painting

Ivan Osario (@IvanArley on Twitter) painted this Steve Jobs caricature as his tribute to the man using Artrage for iPad (and presumably the new Script Recording function to make the video). Check it out in the video below.

You can see more of Ivan's iPad art on his YouTube channel and you can follow him on Twitter.

iPad Art from Nori Tominaga

Nori Tominaga is a 2D and 3D artist with a very impressive portfolio (we've included his showreel below).

Nori has let us know via Twitter about a couple of his recent pieces and the Brushes videos he has produced to share his creative iPad painting process.

We like Nori's style a lot so we thought we would share these videos with you. This first one features in his most recent blog post: Seascape Plein Air

The caricature below made us laugh, but we also think it is really cool. No introduction needed:

Here is some of Nori's other, commissioned, illustration work in his showreel, it's great stuff:

Nori Tominaga - Showreel from Nori Tominaga on Vimeo.

You can see more of Nori's creations and find out more about him over on his website, and you can keep up with his new creations by following him on Twitter.

Caricatures Made Easy by The Flaming Stylus

If you have ever tried drawing caricatures you will know that it is not as easy as it looks. One of our readers, known mysteriously as 'The Flaming Stylus', has let us know about a post at his relatively new blog of the same name.

Image provided by The Flaming Stylus Blog

It is a really helpful tutorial if you're not sure where to start with your caricatures. He uses the iPhone app Toon Face Maker to get started with the faces and ArtRage to finish off the character bodies and create the finished image above.

You will find some other handy tutorials on the site too, including one on creating Vector Graphics from a sketch and another titled Songwriting on the iPad which introduced us to the wonderful Key Chords app, for which we are very grateful.

Be sure to check out The Flaming Stylus Blog and let him know what you think (don't forget to tell him we sent you). There will be more tutorials posted there in the near future so subscribe if you want to see them all and/or follow him on Twitter.

Impressive Michael Jackson caricature

We have recently come across some stunning caricatures by Jedijnx (YouTube username). This Michael Jackson iPad painting is superb, but it's definetely worth also taking a look at the JayZ, Kanye West and Dwight Schrute caricatures too.