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Photographers - How to Plug CF Cards into your iPad Easily

More iPad accessory news, this time for anyone taking photos that they want to get on to their iPad using Compact Flash (CF) cards.

From Photojojo

Our favourite purveyors of all things fun to do with Photography are Photojojo. They have just added to their store a CF card reader at $30 that plugs directly into the iPad's dock connector. They have also added an SD card reader at $15 or both for $40.

This is good because if, like me, you bought a DSLR that uses CF cards only (two weeks before they brought out a new model that uses SD cards), you are not specifically catered for by Apple's Camera Connection Kit (CCK).

Instead, you have to connect your camera, via the cable that comes with it, to the USB dock adapter in the CCK. This is slow, and it means you have to remember to bring it with you when you go out and try not to lose it when you do.

With this new card reader that's all you need to bring, so one less thing to lose and less cables to cram into your travel/camera bag.

You can buy the iPad CF and SD Card Readers at the Photojojo Store!


Need CF and SD in one?

If you need both CF and SD in one device (e.g. for a new and old DSLR, or for an additional pocket camera) rather than Photojojo's two seperate card readers, then you may want to take a look at Capdase's Dock Connector Card Reader.

This fairly chunky adapter accepts CF/SD/MMC/Micro SD and M2 memory cards (one at a time) so it is ideal for those who have room for it and want as many options as possible.

We saw this Capdase device on Amazon for just under $60 and in the UK for £24.99 (mobilefun.co.uk), which isn't too bad really given all the options.

Have you tried either of these card readers with your iPad? We would like to know what you think, leave us a comment below.