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2 reasons why the iPad 3 might feature an 8MP camera just like the iPhone 4S


Will the iPad 3 really get the same camera module as the iPhone 4S as recent rumours suggest? Though we can't deny that we would love to see the iPad 3 turn out videos and photos that are of the same extremely high standard set by the iPhone 4S, it would seem like an odd move for Apple as they tend to favour slimness over utility in this area.

However, there are 2 good reasons why the next iPad just might get the full 8MP unit.

Retina class display

Almost exactly 1 year ago we looked in detail at why an iPad with a Retina class display would be a game changer:

"Bumping the iPad display up to Retina Display quality will make all laptop and netbook displays appear like they have been constructed from Lego blocks. Using a laptop again, even one as nice as a MacBook Air, will seem like a huge step backwards in screen quality. Full HD movies (1080p) will look sharper than on any other display available. Photos will be almost indistinguishable from high quality prints. Viewing web pages, especially in portrait mode, will be the best web experience available."

What better way to show off the Retina display on your lovely new iPad 3 than to capture, edit and display glorious photos and videos all on the same device?

We have iWork, GarageBand and iMovie, but where is iPhoto for iPad

Back in March we discussed at length the reason for the missing iLife app, iPhoto:

"We think iPhoto will arrive at the same time as the long rumoured iPad with Retina Display (iPad 3?). What better first party app to promote the eye-popping clarity of a Retina Display than iPhoto?

Out of the box photo management and editing on the iPad is non existent. To be honest, it's simply not acceptable. We are certain that Apple realise this and that they are working on fixing this problem, and probably using an iPad specific version of iPhoto.

We expect iPhoto for iPad by April 2012 at the very latest. It really can't come soon enough!"

We still believe that iPhoto is only a few months away at most, in fact, we think it will be launched alongside the iPad 3. Much of the iPad launch event with be focused on the gorgeous display and how it makes photos look just like high quality prints, Having an extremely high quality camera to complement the Retina display and the all new iPhoto for iPad might be just enough of an incentive for Apple to have added another 1mm to the thickness of the iPad 3 casing.

Our hunch is that the camera module will get a significant upgrade but that it will not be the same module as the iPhone 4S. An autofocus capable 5MP unit with 720p stabilised video capture (similar to the iPhone 4) seems the mostly likely, but we feel that there is an outside chance of the full iPhone 4S 8MP unit.

Of course, the discussion of if it's even practical to take photos and videos with an iPad will run and run, but as the quality of the camera unit, display and software increases it will certainly become a option that some will seriously consider. And if the rumours of a smaller iPad pan out, the proposition will seem even less strange.

Photographers - How to Plug CF Cards into your iPad Easily

More iPad accessory news, this time for anyone taking photos that they want to get on to their iPad using Compact Flash (CF) cards.

From Photojojo

Our favourite purveyors of all things fun to do with Photography are Photojojo. They have just added to their store a CF card reader at $30 that plugs directly into the iPad's dock connector. They have also added an SD card reader at $15 or both for $40.

This is good because if, like me, you bought a DSLR that uses CF cards only (two weeks before they brought out a new model that uses SD cards), you are not specifically catered for by Apple's Camera Connection Kit (CCK).

Instead, you have to connect your camera, via the cable that comes with it, to the USB dock adapter in the CCK. This is slow, and it means you have to remember to bring it with you when you go out and try not to lose it when you do.

With this new card reader that's all you need to bring, so one less thing to lose and less cables to cram into your travel/camera bag.

You can buy the iPad CF and SD Card Readers at the Photojojo Store!


Need CF and SD in one?

If you need both CF and SD in one device (e.g. for a new and old DSLR, or for an additional pocket camera) rather than Photojojo's two seperate card readers, then you may want to take a look at Capdase's Dock Connector Card Reader.

This fairly chunky adapter accepts CF/SD/MMC/Micro SD and M2 memory cards (one at a time) so it is ideal for those who have room for it and want as many options as possible.

We saw this Capdase device on Amazon for just under $60 and in the UK for £24.99 (mobilefun.co.uk), which isn't too bad really given all the options.

Have you tried either of these card readers with your iPad? We would like to know what you think, leave us a comment below.

iSpy Cameras. The best public webcam viewer on any platform

There's something quite soothing about checking in on the world, making sure that people are going about their business in every corner of the globe. I've always had an interest in webcam technology. The first time I was able to take control of a webcam in Times Square, even if only for a brief moment, was a real future-shock moment for me - being able to replace the lifeless view from my office window with the vibrant streets of New York city.

With the iSpy Cameras app every iPad owner with a internet connection can watch the Polar bears play at San Diego Zoo, the yachts glide through San Francisco Bay and the midnight sun finally set in Tromso. The world is right there, right at your finger tips.

Key features

There are hundreds of websites that aggregate webcams, so what makes iSpy Cameras special? In short, it's slick. Within 10 seconds of opening up the app you are presented with 36 live webcams randomly selected from across the globe. Swiping from right to left updates the display with another 36 live views. Tapping on one of the thumbnail previews enlarges it to full screen, double-tap and you are back to the thumbnail view.

Beyond this simple camera selection system is the ability to easily favourite a camera, save an image to your camera roll, rate the camera and, in many cases, even control the camera for a minute or two. The camera control is done in true iPad style, pinch to zoom and swiping left, right, up and down.

The thumbnail previews can be group randomly, by highest rating and most recently added. You can also search for a specific webcam via several criteria.


The images above represent just a small selection of some of my favourite scenes. Almost every type of environment is available, from a busy shop on the corner of a suburban street, to a majestic landscape at the top of the world.

Future developments

Internal links to Google maps and Wikipedia, along with FaceBook and Twitter support would make iSpy Cameras a near perfect iPad app. Even in its currently form, it's an essential purchase.

App Store Link: iSpy Cameras

Getting Creative with iPad 2's Camera

By all accounts, the iPad 2 camera is fairly useless for anything but the lowest quality and generally unusable stills, we have to be honest. But what if you chuck a healthy dose of creativity into the mix?

John Biehler (officially an E-Business analyst, but also has his fingers in other pies) has done just that with his new iPad 2 and the Photo Booth app's Kaleidoscope effect. He posted some of the results to his blog and uploaded a few of the photos to Flickr.

Image courtesy of John Biehler via Flickr (click image to see original)

John said:

"I think the results turned out pretty cool, if not a little Inception-esque. Being on top of Vancouver probably helped too... A little low resolution but interesting art nonetheless."

We were quite captivated by these images and would agree, they are quite artistic and definitely have an Inception quality about them.

Whilst your average point & shoot doesn't have anything to worry about from the iPad 2's stills ability, John's post goes to show what fun can still be had with any camera and a bit of creativity.

Image courtesy of John Biehler via Flickr (click image to see original)

You can read the full blog post on John's site and be sure to check out the rest of John's photos on Flickr.

Image courtesy of John Biehler via Flickr (click image to see original)

Declare Your Camera Love On Your iPad


Photojojo are a great bunch who consistently come up with creative ideas for using and making photos.  Now they have sourced something that you can use on your iPad to declare your photo-geekery with these camera dial decals.

Photography is one of our passions, as you will know if you have been here before, so being able to declare our love of photography with our favourite Apple device is just bliss for us.

These camera dial decals come in two flavours, Canon and Nikon.  Admittedly, only a photo-geek is going to know, or care, which one is which (hint: Canon don't have a Scene mode) but we think they look great.

If you are a Leica user (we are very, very jealous) or want a Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mk II, or 40D specific decal, you can go straight to the source and buy one of these decals off of the Etsy seller suzieautomatic.

One problem though, the International shipping is as much as the decals themselves, so we will have to order one for our MacBook Pros as well to make it worthwhile.