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Classical Page Turning Performance

BT 105 Footswitch

Just about 12 months ago we covered the BT-105, a Bluetooth foot pedal that connects to your iPad and lets you turn the pages of your musical score.

But does a Bluetooth foot switch really cut it when performing live in front of a big audience?

The BT-105's makers AirTurn sat down with classical violinist Giora Schmidt who was planning to use the device with his iPad during a special performance of the highly technical Piano Sonata by Franz Liszt, transcribed for solo violin.

It is a 35 minute piece with no natural breaks that requires 35 turns of the score's pages. That's where the BT-105 comes in, partnered with an iPad and one of the compatible apps.

In the video below they talk about Giora's decision to use the BT-105 and the iPad instead of the traditional 'paper score with a friend turning the pages' method, how things have gone wrong trying to turn the pages mid-performance on your own (always a heart stopping moment in front of a live audience) and, briefly, attitudes towards technology in the Classical music scene.

The full story and a video of Giora's actual 35 minute performance can be seen on the AirTurn website, it is very impressive.

A Real Page Turner

We mentioned a few weeks ago the sheet music, page turning, app Masterdaelion that required both an iPad and an iPhone paired together, but what if you haven't got an iPhone? AirTurn have another solution for you.

The AirTurn BT-105 is being launched this coming Tuesday 16th November. It is a little black box with a Bluetooth transmitter that you can place on the floor and connect it to one or two foot switches.

The box basically sends a signal to your iPad that equates to 'Page Up' (Left foot switch) to move back to the previous sheet or 'Page Down' (Right foot switch) to move on to the next sheet. It can be used with apps that allow you to read sheet music in PDF format as well as guitar or other instrument tabs.

Ready to roll 

The press release names a few apps it can already work with:

The BT-105 works with a growing number of iPad apps, including forScoreMusicReader, and unrealBook.

but we would expect more apps to enable Bluetooth as this type of accessory becomes more common for the iPad.

Of course, if you are a musician and also have a Bluetooth equipped computer, the BT-105 will work with any app that accepts Page Up / Page Down commands, even PowerPoint, although we are not sure you want to control presentations with your feet, but you could - let us know if you do!

The BT-105 will retail for $69 and you will have to buy foot switches on top of that if you haven't already got them lying around, so it is not the cheapest musician's hardware accessory, but it does serve a niche.

More technical detail can be found on the BT-105 announcement page and the video below demonstrates how it works in practice. Do let us know if you get one of these units, we would love to hear how well it works for you.