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Head of a Capri Girl. An exquisite oil painting replica

Here's something we've not seen before. An iPad artist with the YouTube name of 'manugil100' has produced an exquisite oil painting replica of the 1878 Sargent 'Head of a Capri Girl'. The end result is quite outstanding!

Copying the classic paintings of master artists like John Singer Sargent seems like a fantastic way of getting to grips to the idiosyncrasies of digital painting on the iPad.

The video quite clearly shows how the painting is constructed; from the broad outlines right down to colour selection and brush details. We can't stress enough just how thankful we are to all the artists that continue to share their work on YouTube and Flickr.

Thank Each Mistake. The animated music video that redefines iPad art

Shawn Harris, a singer, musician and artist, has used the iPad to produce an animated video for his song 'Thank Each Mistake'. Shawn used Brushes for iPad to create this mesmerising video. Shawn explains:

"By taking advantage of the actions playback feature, and by using a brushes viewer application for my Mac, I found I could export my painting as a quicktime movie. The app isn't designed for animation, but the playback feature, which records each brush-stroke as a separate frame, lends itself to a coarse morphy style of stop-motion fingerpainting..."

Few videos have impressed us as much as 'Thank Each Mistake'. It's a remarkable achievement, and we would not be at all surprised if Apple used it in some form to demonstrate the versatility of the iPad. And to think that some commentators seriously suggested that the iPad would kill creativity.

Back when we started iPad Creative we imagined that the iPad would change the way people create art. In April 2010 we said:

"This is iPad Creative. We believe with every fibre of our being that Apple's magical machine is without equal. We believe that the iPad will spark a revolution in the creative arts not seen since the popularisation of the Internet at the end of the last millennium. What makes us so sure? In short, you do.

The potential for computers to assist artists in creating and performing art has been strikingly obvious for many years, but until now that potential has been – to the largest extent – only realised by those with a natural affinity for technology, those that because of their upbringing, their social location, or perhaps their age, just don't care for computers. The iPad changes all of that."

It fact, now we think of it, doesn't Apple's recent iPad TV advert sound awfully familiar? Perhaps we have readers in high places!

Many thanks to Shawn for sharing his video, we have a feeling we'll be seeing quite a bit more of Shawn's work on iPad Creative.

The extraordinary iPad art of Nikolai Lockertsen

Nikolai is an accomplished artist. Having worked for many years in the film industry as a matte painter, both traditional and digital, it's no real surprise that Nikolai was drawn to the iPad right from the start. We spoke to Nikolai towards the end of last year, and it was clear that despite some initial reservations he is finding the iPad/Brushes combination to be a satisfying medium.

Nikolai has recently shared some of his iPad painting videos on YouTube and we just had to bring them to your attention.

Just watch as Nikko builds the structure of the scene, fills it will such exquisite detail and then lights the scene in a way that draws the eye to the perfect position on the painting. We can't think of any other iPad artist that has mastered this process with such finesse. Nikko's film industry background really shines through. Amazing work indeed!

Impressive Michael Jackson caricature

We have recently come across some stunning caricatures by Jedijnx (YouTube username). This Michael Jackson iPad painting is superb, but it's definetely worth also taking a look at the JayZ, Kanye West and Dwight Schrute caricatures too.

Painting Video: Scrap Garden

An artist going by the YouTube user name of 'asuka111digiemo' has uploaded this beautiful painting video. The artist uses Sketchbook Pro and Brushes to great effect. We especially enjoyed watching the layering of shadows and highlights. Thanks for sharing!

David Hockney uses iPad as a Digital Canvas

An art exhibition displaying the artist's work on just iPads and iPhones (i.e. no canvas) opens to the public this week in Paris. David Hockney's use of the iPhone and, more recently, the iPad to create art with the Brushes app has been well reported.

So the fact that only iOS devices are being used to display his artwork and not the traditional prints or original pieces on canvas, seems appropriate and typical of Hockney's incorporation of technology into his art.

Hockney himself has commented that viewing his art on the Apple devices is entirely appropriate because that is where they were created and preserves the luminosity of the pieces, which would be hard to recreate properly on printed media. 

The digital approach to this exhibition even includes Hockney emailing his art pieces to the gallery for display. In another unique spin, because of this method of delivery, Hockney can add new pieces to the exhibition that he creates during its lifetime, one aspect to the 'Fresh' in the exhibition title.

Another innovation for the art world but one familiar to many of us already is inclusion of Brushes Viewer on some of the iPads, showing how Hockney created his artwork and the artistic process normally hidden from the public.

The Fleurs Fraîches (French language page) or "Fresh Flowers" exhibition starts this week and runs through to 30th January 2011 at the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent

Cyber Girl - iPad Art from Starr Shaw

Starr Shaw is another of that fine group of artists who have created some fantastic images with Brushes (and SketchBook Pro) on the iPad. He has kindly shared the video of how he painted this futuristic and colourful piece, which you can see below.

Starr is a 3D artist and illustrator creating art for computer games and other digital media, he is currently working with InstantAction, a company that enables games distribution via a web browser.

He has a full portfolio of his paintings on his website (some may find a few of his images a little bit racy so be careful if you are at work), he is also on Flickr and a member of our iPad Creative Art & Design Flickr Group.

You can also find Starr on Twitter but it looks like he needs some followers so go and give him a follow there and check out the other links to see more of Starr's impressive artwork.

Fast Food. Brushes gets a workout

Yet another superb painting from Olechka. Amazing work as always.

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Kyle Lambert's 10 out of 10 iPad paintings

UK based artist Kyle Lambert posted on YouTube yesterday the last in his series of 'Ten Celebrity Portraits in Ten Days'. These have all been painted on his iPad using just his finger and the wonderful Brushes app.

Beginning with Cheryl Cole and ending up with Rusell Brand, via Madonna (in the video above), Megan Fox, Will Smith and David Beckham plus others, this series really shows off Kyle's fantastic artistic ability. If you would like to see the whole series here is a link to all 10 videos.

Kyle Lambert's work, among others, also helps to demonstrate how the iPad enables visual artists to create wonderful content, given the right combination of talent and iPad app.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Kyle has been getting quite a bit of media attention recently which is also helping people see the iPad as more than just a 'consumption' decice. Kyle's Beyonce image painting video currently has more than 290,000 views on YouTube.

We would like to congratulate Kyle on his series of celebrity portraits and look forward to seeing more of his work on the iPad in the future.

Don't forget to check out what other talented artists are creating on their iPads amongst the more than 2700 pieces submitted to the iPad Creative Flickr group.

Epic eagle painting

Lovely Brushes work by artist Ryan Barnes. In his own words:

"Digital finger painting with the Brushes app on the iPad. This is my first attempt at drawing with the iPad. It took me two evenings laying on the couch after work. I used to draw a lot but haven't really drawn seriously in about 5 years. The iPad kinda sparked my interest again so here's to knocking the rust off the ol' fingers..."

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