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'Cannonball' and 'Pipes & Pottery' by Rob Miller

Rob's done a fantastic job with the Brushes for iPad. We were particularly impressed with his use of light and shade in 'Cannonball'. Check out all of Rob's fine artwork over at his website.

Thanks for sharing your paintings with us Rob, we look forward to seeing more of your iPad art in the near future.

David Hockney uses iPad as a Digital Canvas

An art exhibition displaying the artist's work on just iPads and iPhones (i.e. no canvas) opens to the public this week in Paris. David Hockney's use of the iPhone and, more recently, the iPad to create art with the Brushes app has been well reported.

So the fact that only iOS devices are being used to display his artwork and not the traditional prints or original pieces on canvas, seems appropriate and typical of Hockney's incorporation of technology into his art.

Hockney himself has commented that viewing his art on the Apple devices is entirely appropriate because that is where they were created and preserves the luminosity of the pieces, which would be hard to recreate properly on printed media. 

The digital approach to this exhibition even includes Hockney emailing his art pieces to the gallery for display. In another unique spin, because of this method of delivery, Hockney can add new pieces to the exhibition that he creates during its lifetime, one aspect to the 'Fresh' in the exhibition title.

Another innovation for the art world but one familiar to many of us already is inclusion of Brushes Viewer on some of the iPads, showing how Hockney created his artwork and the artistic process normally hidden from the public.

The Fleurs Fraîches (French language page) or "Fresh Flowers" exhibition starts this week and runs through to 30th January 2011 at the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent

Fast Food. Brushes gets a workout

Yet another superb painting from Olechka. Amazing work as always.

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House M.D. Another stunning iPad portrait

Epic eagle painting

Lovely Brushes work by artist Ryan Barnes. In his own words:

"Digital finger painting with the Brushes app on the iPad. This is my first attempt at drawing with the iPad. It took me two evenings laying on the couch after work. I used to draw a lot but haven't really drawn seriously in about 5 years. The iPad kinda sparked my interest again so here's to knocking the rust off the ol' fingers..."

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Presumed Civilization. A iPad multimedia production

Mark Mellon has used the iPad, Brushes app and YouTube to promote his original watercolour and iPad illustrations. Though the video seems to lose its way towards the end, we remain impressed by the audaciousness of the concept.

It's worth noting that even the soundtrack was created on an iPad!

Angelina Jolie by Olga Shvartsur

Olga Shvartsur is a self-taught artist from the Seattle area with plenty of experience in painting and illustration work. Recently, Olga has turned her attention to the iPad and with great success! As the close up of the Angelina portrait shows Olga's skills have translated to the iPad marvellously.

Olga used Brushes and Brushes Viewer app to create and share this beautiful portrait. We look forward to seeing what Olga creates on the iPad next. Be sure to follow Olga on Twitter for news on her latest ideas and creations.

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Dear iPad, you've got a friend in Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert his been working his iPad magic again. Kyle took just 8 hours to produce this lovely iPad painting of Woody and friends from Toy Story 3. He used the powerful Brushes Viewer application to bring the entire painting process to life so he could share it with the iPad painting community. Thanks Kyle, amazing work!

If you have not yet been bitten by the iPad finger painting bug then be sure to head on over to the iPad Creative Flickr group for inspiration.

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