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Another perfect portrait by David Chong!

We make no excuses for featuring David's work again. This new portrait is just stunning! Painted using Brushes 2 in about 4.5 hours, completely freehand.

Ipad finger painting model for mauboussin by chaseroflight d5filwr

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Scarlett Johansson by David Chong

David Chong may refer to himself as an amateur artist, but his iPad work suggests otherwise. His latest creation,a stunning portrait of Scarlett Johansson, is without doubt one of the best portraits we've seen this year. Actually, scratch that, it's one the best touch screen paintings we have come across since starting iPad Creative back in 2010

We are so thankful that artists like David share their videos on YouTube, it makes learning to paint with the iPad so much easier.

You can view more of David's iPad work here. Also, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Stunning Dark Knight and Spider-man themed paintings by David Chong

Like every other superhero fan on the planet we are pulling on the reins in anticipation for the release of The Dark Knight Rises at the end of the week. If early reviews are accurate, it looks like it will be a fitting conclusion to Nolan's powerful trilogy.

Both The Dark Knight Rises and the recent Spider-man reboot have provided inspiration for some stunning paintings by David Chong. Over on Deviantart David explains the challenges and rewards of painting with the iPad.

"First of all, painting on the iPad is pretty much the same as painting on traditional media except for (1) the difficulty in control, (2) the addition of a "redo" button, and (3) the ability to zoom.

I suppose one of my strengths is with the precision of control. So (1) wasn't really difficult for me to overcome. But it is (2) and (3) that makes painting detail on iPad possible. 

While I can paint the general outline and even to a fair amount of detail without zooming in, it is simply impossible to achieve very fine details given the difficulty in finger control. The redo function helps with this because I can draw a stroke, and erase and draw again if I find the positioning problematic. This pretty much helps me to achieve a fair bit of detail. But I would usually zoom in for the really fine parts such as the eyes and lips.



All in all, I have been taking about 3 hrs for my most recent paintings such as the one on Kaneshiro Takeshi, the Catwoman, and Emma Watson (with her chin tilted upwards). Hopefully I can cut down more on the time as I practise more.

Other than that, drawing on the iPad really isn't so different from doing my pencil sketches"

Be sure to subscribe to David's YouTube Channel for future paintings.

Paul Kercal demonstrates collaborative iPad drawing using Sketchshare

At the time of writing, Draw Something, the marvellously addictive turn based drawing game, is holding the number one position in the UK App Store charts. It's thrilling to see such a creative iOS app cause a stir amongst iPad and iPhone owners across the globe. We believe that everyone is an artist, it's simply a matter of having the right opportunity, some thoughtful training and a whole lot of encouragement. That's where Sketchshare can help.

Sketchshare essentially creates a shared virtual canvas on which up to four people can sketch in realtime. However, because of its clever use of Apple's Game Center framework, Sketchshare feels more like telepresence at times. Game Center can be used to invite up to three friends to a sketching session, it's also the Game Center framework that allows for realtime voice chat between all 'players'. This realtime chat support turns out to be the special sauce that makes Sketchshare so appealing.

Sketchshare is fluid and fun, with a pleasing balance between simplicity and capability. We can imagine artists and designers getting a great deal of benefit from it. A scenario that immediately jumped to my mind was using Sketchshare to thrash out the initial ideas behind a company rebrand. Oftentimes, just having the client sit with you for half an hour whilst you sketch ideas can save days of wasted time further down the line. Sketchshare makes this kind of organic idea prototyping possible, no matter how vast the distance between you and your client.

In the video featured above Paul Kercal, a superb iPad artist and art educator from Guildford College, uses Sketchshare at the Surrey Skills Fair to demonstrate to local school children the kind of forward thinking art education Guildford College can offer them.

We think this is just the tip of the ice-berg for this kind of collaborative art. The opportunities for educators and learners alike seem to be growing exponentially.

App Store Link: Sketchshare

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Video: 'alone, the roses, the space' - made on an iPad

alone, the roses, the space from francesco marescotti on Vimeo.

This video was created by Francesco Marescotti from Milan, Italy, who describes himself as an "architect / designer / graphic artist / musician / dreamer" on Twitter.

Francesco contacted us to let us know he created this video entirely on his iPad. We like the way the drawing kicks into a surprising new development about half way through, you'll have to watch the video to find out what we mean.

The image was drawn and recorded in Brushes and Francesco added some visual effects to the video in Nexvio's 8mm HD. The video's soundtrack was made by Francesco in GarageBand and the whole thing was put together using Avid Studio for iPad.

Find out more about Francesco and his creations on his blog, on Twitter or at his company website (Flash site).

We are always happy to see what you are creating with your iPad (even if we don't have space to feature everything we see). You can let us know about your creations by emailing us or getting hold of us via one of the links in the 'Social' panel at the top right of this page.

Watch a master iPad artist at work

We think this Brushes iPad painting video from Nikolai Lockertsen is required viewing for anyone looking to sharpen their iPad painting skills. It just doesn't get much better!

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'Lunar Lander', a beautiful painting by Robert Miller using Brushes for iPad

There's something uniquely satisfying about watching an artist perform. As many iPad painting apps now allow the artist to record every brushstroke, it's no surprise that there are literally thousands of iPad painting videos available online.

Some artists, such as Robert Miller, go one step further and craft the video into a piece of artwork in its own right. We have mentioned Robert on several occasions, as we feel that his art, both the final paintings and the videos, are a solid contribution to the large body of work that iPad artists have produced over the last two years.

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More mind-blowing iPad art from Nikolai Lockertsen

If you are new to iPad Creative, it's possible that you have never seen any of Nikolai's iPad paintings. We strongly encourage you to see all our posts featuring Nikolai as he is, in our opinion, the most consistently impressive iPad artist we know. Nikolai's skill with Brushes is rivalled only my his powerful imagination.

Whether he is painting full locations, or 'just' characters, Nikolai's use of light and insane attention to detail is second to none.

Head back here in a couple of days to see some more of Nikolai's artwork, paintings that he created using an app that few artists are even aware of.

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Market Road by Michael Ives, a real 'must see' video tutorial

Michael Ives is an artist who painted beautiful West African scenes whilst working as a teacher for the Peace Corp in that region over 30 years ago. More recently he has begun to recreate those paintings using Brushes on the iPad.

Michael has been kind enough to share his experience via a video tutorial. His passion, for the people of West Africa, the beauty of that region and the power of the iPad as an artistic tool is most evident.

We hope Michael can find the time to produce more of these tutorial videos, he certainly has a friendly style that makes us what to follow him on his journey.

More about Michael can be found on his official site.

App Store Link: Brushes

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iPad Art: Decomissioning of the Gigabot by Matthew Watkins

Here's a superb iPad painting from Matthew Watkins that he recently added to our iPad Creative Flickr Group.

Decommissioning Of The Gigabot

We love the final result with its futuristic styling, but we especially appreciate Matthew posting the Brushes video on Flickr too.

Unfortunately, Flickr video embeds still rely on the Flash player so we can't show it to you here, but you can watch the full Brushes video in Matthew's Flickr stream.

While you're there check out the rest of Matthew's iPad art, it is very impressive body of work.

Inside the creative process

We've said this before, but we are always fascinated to see the artist's creative process in action.

That's why we really love that the Brushes app enables the recording and exporting of these movies.

Our thanks again to Matthew for sharing this video and painting with the group.