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Solving the iOS 7 wallpaper problem with Blur

You know how almost none of your usual photographic wallpapers work with iOS 7's flat design style? Well, Blur by Enormous solves all that. By blurring a photo so that it's just a smudge of colour, Blur can create the perfect wallpaper for your iPad and iPhone with absolutely zero effort on your part.

If you're stuck for colourful source material, don't panic. Blur can generate random wallpaper on the fly. The results are almost always appealing.

App Store Link: Blur

The Universal

I just don't buy iPhone games anymore. I prefer gaming on the iPad. The performance is roughly comparable to the iPhone 4 but the larger screen and better battery life make gaming on the iPad more immersive and generally a lot more fun. I should imagine that there are quite a number of iPad and iPhone owners like me and with Apple reportedly now manufacturing over 2 million iPads a month, that number is only going to increase.

And it's not just games

The large majority of apps that I've purchased in the last 4 months offer a more satisfying experience on the iPad. This includes the obvious such as Music Studio and Uzu, but also the not so obvious like Twitter and Calcbot.

From my vantage point Universal is the way forward. A Universal app, one which includes the data for all iOS devices, is a much more compelling purchase and I can only see this becoming almost essential when Apple eventually open up the new Apple TV for installable third party apps.

"It really, really, really could happen"

What do you think, is the Universal app the way forward, are you prepared to pay a bit more for a Universal app? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below or email us if you prefer.