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Tune-in Tuesday: New iOS Beats

This week we decided to pick three tracks created in BlipStudio's excellent NanoStudio. We hope you enjoy listening.

If you fancy getting your tracks heard, check out the details at the bottom of this post.

Here we go then with:

'Now We All Do' by ecken

This is a an epic track made using NanoStudio by ecken (Noe Ruiz from West Palm Beach in the US). It's got a great melody, some well wobbly Bass and although it has a fairly chilled tempo we found it uplifting too.

'The Ruins' by Pezzerdotcom

This track was created by Pezzerdotcom (Richard Perry from Amersham here in the UK) in NanoStudio over two days of commuting. You really need to listen to this one with headphones to get the full stereo effect, great track.

'Journey (amniotic fluid mix) by Caustic Sunshine

An odd title but it makes sense when you listen to this ambient and chilled track from local (to us) lad Caustic Sunshine from Bournemouth, UK. There are some great moments in this track and again, we highly recommend listening with headphones, but be careful where you listen to this one because it might just relax you so much you drift off.

Send us your tunes

We hope you liked our NanoStudio made picks this week, but as always, we want to hear from you and any of your iOS created sounds, here's how you can get them to us:

  • Join our iPad Creative SoundCloud group then click on the 'Share a Track' button on the group page
  • If you're on a computer, click 'Send us your sounds' at top of the sidebar --->
  • Leave us a link to your track on SoundCloud in the comments below

We're looking forward to hearing you soon.

NanoStudio for iPad inbound

There are some seriously powerful music creation apps making their way to the iPad within the next month or two. The first isn't even available for the iPhone at present, it's been submitted to Apple and should be available very soon. NanoStudio by Blip Interactive Limited 'takes mobile music to a new level', the video demonstration found on Blip's website (seen above) certainly backs up that claim. Be sure to watch the entire video, not only does the demonstration song build into a satisfying track, but the last few seconds include a preview of some of NanoStudio's features including the Eden synth, TRG-16 trigger pads and sequencer.

When asked about an iPad version Blip replied, "Hopefully the app will work straight away on iPad in compatibility mode, but I realise this isn't what you're asking. I think a proper iPad version will be inevitable - making music is one of the application areas where I can totally get the point of the iPad. To do it justice the UI would need a rethink in some areas. It'd be much more useful to have a view where the sequencer's event editor can be seen alongside the keyboard, or a dual instrument view so you can perform on two different instruments at the same time." ... "When I started the development the iPad didn't exist - when it came out I had to make the tough decision not to derail the iPhone development. I'd love to know what the market share is - obviously, there are a lot more iPhones out there than iPads, but on the other side, more iPad owners are looking for apps like this."

So there you have it, NanoStudio for iPhone and iPod Touch will be available very shortly and the iPad version shouldn't be too far behind.

When we refer to the iPad as revolution in the creative arts it's apps like NanoStudio that we believe will be at the forefront of that revolution.

Many thanks for the heads up from Palm Sounds. If you like your music apps be sure to follow Palm Sounds on Twitter.

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