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8 Great Etsy Finds For Your iPad

Every now and then we like to pass the time by doing a search on Etsy for iPad accessories. Try this yourself and you'll find a plethora of handmade creative solutions both for sitting your iPad on your desk and for cosseting it when you're more mobile.

So if you are looking for a special and unique gift for the iPad addict in your life (yes, you can include yourself, we do), then here are a few of the many handcrafted accessories that caught our attention recently. 

1 - Jabba the Hut Oak iPad Dock

This was our favourite to be honest, a one of a kind Star Wars figurine welded to a piece of solid wood to enhance any geek's desk. We love it, so be quick and grab it now!

Jabba iPad Dock

Jabba iPad dock back


2 - iPad Acoustic Dock in Maple

We liked this dock because as well as being clean and simple, it acts as a naturally amplified speaker for your iPad's audio - no plug-in, power sapping, accessories needed. There's also a smaller version available for your iPhone. Very nice.

IPad acoustic dock


3 - Retro TV iPad Dock

We happen to know that we are not the only Etsy browsing iPad lovers to spot this one recently, but we didn't want you to miss this one. It doesn't look terribly sturdy if we're honest, but the wooden retro design wins our hearts and this is often the duty our iPad performs when it is sat on our desks while we work.

TV iPad dock


4 - Leather Messenger Bag

We could have picked any of the Copper River bags and cases to recommend. They all feature the thickest leather and chunkiest stitching we have ever seen, backed up by a 100 year warranty. These things are built to last and be loved by generations.

We chose this one as it is specifically for iPad sized devices., but would be more than happy with any of the range, if anyone is reading this and fancies buying us something nice. Please...

Leather messenger bag


5 - Vindicated Vinyl iPad Case - Sgt. Pepper's

With cases made out of recovered vinyl records and album covers, brindakaydesign makes some of the most unique cases we have seen. It will cost you, but if you want something really special for the music lover in your life or just someone who loves the nostalgia, you can't do much better than one of these cases (she does bags, trays and belt buckles too).

A fleece lined internal leather pocket holds your iPad when mobile and there is also a stand arrangement built in (see the page for more photos):

SgtPepper iPad case


6 - iPad Messenger Satchel - Made by Grandad

We chose this one because it is actually something we would seriously consider ordering (as with the next pick). We have been on an endless search for a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag, and something that can keep our iPad safe too when out and about or on holiday as carry-on bag.

IPad messenger bag

IPad Messenger bag open

This bag from UK based Etsy seller MadeByGrandad may be just the solution we have been looking for. With its inside padded and zippered iPad pocket, a number of iPhone and other accessory pockets, and central space big enough for a small DSLR in a padded wrap, this seems to fit the bill perfectly. If only it came in black, oh wait...


7 - iPad 2 Padded Case

These 100% wool made iPad cases from France look top notch quality, with three layers of protection, offering good internal padding too. We liked the range of colours available, the material used and attention to detail plus the external zippered pocket for cables, iPhone, etc.

IPad 2 cases


8 - Wolf iPad Felt Sleeve

This sleeve caught our eye because we thought it was weird, as well as fairly unique. There is an owl design too which also has scary eyes, plus a not so scary penguin or elephant for the more playful gift.

Designed to fit an iPad with a Smart Cover attached, these 100% wool felt sleeves also include a strap if required so you can use it as a messenger bag.

Wolf iPad sleevel


What have you found?

There are so many different bags, cases and docks available on Etsy, hand made by people all around the world, that it was quite difficult for us to select just these few to show you and we wish we had time and space to show all of them.

But what about you? Have you got any creative accessory finds for your iPad, or do you fancy one of ours? Let us know in the comments.

iPad Cases Roundup - iPad Bags

So far in this roundup series we have looked at cases that deal with your iPad, and your iPad alone, whether that be Portfolio style, a leave-on Skin or slim case, or even a slip case or sleeve.  Today we are going to consider cases which can carry your iPad along with all the kit that goes with it, and by this we mean the charger, connection cable, VGA cable, (your own) headphones or anything else you want to take along as well.

Even before the iPad was on everyone's radar, there were already a lot of bags around that could carry a netbook or other device with ~10" screens and, depending on your needs, you may find one of these perfectly suitable, but we have tried to concentrate our search on bags created specifically for the iPad.

So here we go, they are not all the same type of thing, but these are the top three carry bags that have caught our attention recently:

Cocoon Messenger Sling

This $29.99 (£21) bag from Cocoon is a ballistic nylon sling bag with the usual outside pocket and carry strap, but which has some interesting features. First, it includes an external pocket with a clear plastic section for your iPhone, iPod or other device which allows you to see the device's screen, but importantly even allows you to use the touchscreen without taking the device out of the pocket. This is really useful for operating the iPod controls without taking it out of the bag or, for example, taking a call on your iPhone and using the screen without having to fumble around in your bag for your phone.

Another unique feature is Cocoon's patented design for keeping your cables, connectors, and even other devices organised inside the case. If you haven't seen it before, this is the description from Cocoon's website:

  • GRID-IT!™ organization system – a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization
  • Ideal for organizing MacBook accessories, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and other digital devices
  • Versatile Organization
  • Endless configurations
  • Designed to hold items firmly in place
  • Back of GRID-IT!™ doubles as a mouse pad

The Grid-it is a bit odd to look at first of all but when you see it in action it makes sense, so we have found this little review video on YouTube from supersonik90 who has lots of reviews on her YouTube channel, check it out:


Sena Collega

Sena case crocored.jpgWe like to recommend things sometimes that are a little less run-of-the-mill and, if you can bear the leather, the Collega can be used with handles like a mini-briefcase, or with the handles retracted like a 'clutch' bag.

We think that in Black and used with handles the case looks quite business-like, but Sena also supply the Collega in a Red Croc version too (pictured) which may appeal to a different type of user.

Looking very modern in styling, the Collega includes an outside snap-shut pocket which can carry your cables, charger, headphones, etc. and a very sturdy looking zipper around the main compartment.

Internally the Collega has a micro velvet lining for the main compartment which also includes a good dose of padding to protect your iPad in transit. We know it will not appeal to everyone, but if you fancy a more detailed look at the Collega have a look at Sena's site here

Loopbag Transit

Loopbag_12_laptop_case_cb0002_4-tm.jpgLoopbag_12_laptop_case_cb0002_6-tm.jpgOk, this one does say 'iPad' in its official title, but it does also say that it will fit all laptops up to 12.1 inch, so we cannot honestly say that it was made only for the iPad. What this case does have is an internal pocket to coset your iPad in 10mm thick padding, along with a lot of extra room to carry more of your stuff than the other two bags above.

It has a double zip design that allows you quick access to just the iPad pocket, or you can unzip both and completely open up the bag to have total access to the contents. The internal lining comes in a choice of contrasting Green, Coffee or Azure, depending on your model choice, and if you have ever tried to find a black cable inside of a black lined bag in a dimly lit room, then you will know how useful that can be!

When it comes to getting around with the Transit case, you have the option of using a shoulder strap or the carrying handle on the top. The material used in the construction of the outer case is waterproof, adding a bit of all-weather protection for your iPad and accessories.

Overall we think this is a nice looking bag, with enough storage space in addition to your iPad to satisfy most users wanting to take a number of additional components with them to work or on day trips. You can check the website for more pictures and press reviews too.

As always, we found it difficult to narrow this roundup down to just three bags, so if you have any experience with another bag, or even one of these three, and want to let us know, please leave your comment below.

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Friday Fun - iPad Accessories

Ok, we don't usually do this type of post, but because it is Friday and nearly pay day for many of us here in the UK (and, more importantly, only one week away from the iPad launch for you fortunate US residents) here is a link to the ipadaccessories.com Essential Accessories for the iPad.

Our favourite?  The horrendously-overpriced but lovely-all-the-same Muzetto iPad Messenger Bag.  In fact, their round-up of messenger bags has got all of us creative types reaching for the credit card.

And, just for a laugh, let's not forget The Joy of Tech's take on how to carry your iPad.