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Tune-in Tuesday: iOS Made Music Picks

Another instalment in our infrequent series highlighting some of the fantastic creative talent found over on SoundCloud.

This time we are featuring new material from three artists that we have mentioned before and who we follow on SoundCloud. 

'Tango' by BAD FUN

Created using Korg's iMS-20, this is another slice of bright and uplifting Electronica from BAD FUN (a.k.a. Mike from San Jose, USA). Turn this one up loud!

'Lorem Ipsum-L6' by nOtrO

Time to chill out a little now with this track from nOtrO (a.k.a. Sylvain Berthu from Saint Clément de rivière, France). Sylvian created this track in just 3 hours using NanoStudio from Blip Interactive. It evokes in us thoughts of travelling at night, maybe as a soundtrack to being on a train racing through the countryside. We like the vocals that are introduced later on in the track too.

'Keep Fighting' by DJBitBurner

We are always suckers for a chip tune, maybe it's because of the ZX Spectrum's anniversary this week, but we really enjoyed the sounds in this NanoStudio track from DJBitBurner from Bakersfield, USA, especially the descending slides near the end.

Over to you

We hope you enjoyed listening to our picks this week, but as always, we want to hear from you too. If you have your own iOS created sounds (preferably with the iPad, but not essential) here's how you can get them to us:

  • Join our iPad Creative SoundCloud group then click on the 'Share a Track' button on the group page
  • If you're on a computer, click 'Send us your sounds' at top of the sidebar to the right of your screen --->
  • Leave us a link to your track on SoundCloud in the comments below

Thanks again for listening, we're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Tune-in Tuesday: More iOS Made Music

Here's this weeks trio of tracks from our trawl around the SoundCloud universe, all made on or with iOS apps and devices.

Unstoppable by janogarcia

This track was arranged and recorded in GarageBand for iPad by Jano García from Spain. We love hearing what people are doing with GarageBand and this slice of brassy Electronica is a great example, we especially like the way it builds up towards the end of the first minute and into the rest of the track.

Bad Fun - 2AM by Bad Fun

Mike from San Jose in California created our second helping of Electronica, this time made entirely with Korg's iMS-20 app, a solid piece Synth Pop.

Randgrid Redux by Jim Straynge

Tagged as 'Industrial Techno' on SoundCloud, this short track by Jim Straynge from Washington, was made with the Randgrid iPad app (which we hadn't heard about before) and JamUp Pro on iPad for the guitar parts. There is something dark about it we like.

We want to hear your sounds

If you have already joined the SoundCloud community you can submit your tracks to our iPad Creative group, from a computer by clicking on the 'Send us your sounds' link on the right of the screen, or on the SoundCloud group page you can click on the 'Share a Track' button. There are also a whole host of apps that can upload to SoundCloud directly. Finally, if none of that works, just leave us a link in the comments below.

However you get them to us, we can't wait to hear your sounds!