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123D Sculpt: Intuitive 3D modelling from Autodesk

With 123D Sculpt by Autodesk recreating that freakishly massive clay sculpted head from the video for Lionel Richie's cheesy 1983 hit 'Hello' is now within the grasp of every iPad owner!

As the marvellous Let's create! Pottery HD and iDough have already proved, the iPad is almost uniquely suited to this kind of 3D modelling.

We have only just started dabbling with 123D Sculpt (check out our first creation below) but we are already very impressed. Sculpting is fun and intuitive and with the ability to 'paint' photographs onto the 3D surface of your sculpture it's possible to create relatively lifelike models.

We think you will love Sculpt, it has all the makings of a truly classic iPad app. It's currently free so you have no excuses. Why not give it a whirl? Here's a little inspiration from uncle Lionel.

App Store Link: 123D Sculpt

Further Reading: Let's create! Pottery HD and iDough

SketchBook painters, a chance to showcase your art!

AutoDesk are currently in the planned stage of a public exhibition to showcase 'the diversity of art and creativity of SketchBook users'. They are looking for all types of artwork and illustrations from across the entire range of SketchBook products, including SketchBook Pro and SketchBook Express for the iPad.

We are certain that many of our readers, and those that kindly share they artwork in the iPad Creative Flickr group, would love the chance to see their creations displayed in a public exhibition hosted by AutoDesk. To be considered you'll need to follow the instructions here, but don't forget that you only have until Thursday, 24th March (5PM PST) to get your entries emailed to AutoDesk.

Be sure to let us know if you get accepted!

New Sketchbook Hero Announced

If you use Autodesk's Sketchbook Mobile on your iPhone or Sketchbook Pro on your iPad you will be seeing a lot of this image in future. Drawn by Spanish artist Luis Peso using Sketchbook Pro on his iPad, "Progress" is going to be the new splash screen on the more than 2 million downloaded copies of Sketchbook Mobile.

Luis entered the SketchBook Hero competition we told you about a few months ago and his image was selected as winner over a whole host of other artists images from many different countries.

You can see a lot more of Luis' work on his Flickr stream and he is also an active member of our iPad Creative Flickr group. Be sure to check out the link to see more examples of stunning artwork created on the iPad.

If you don't already have a copy, Sketchbook Pro for iPad is on sale now for $2.99 (£1.79) and the iPhone version is only $0.99 (59p). The video below, released around the time of the iPad launch, shows Sketchbook Pro in action.

Are you a Sketchbook Hero

by sketchguy on flickr (click the picture to see a larger version)If you have used Autodesk's Sketchbook Mobile or Sketchbook Pro for iPad you will have seen J Shuster's Image every time you started the app.

Autodesk are looking for the next Sketchbook Hero to grace the start screens of millions of users, it could be you!

If you have the skills and have created an awesome image using any of the Sketchbook apps, the next SketchBook Hero could be you.

Check out the competition page for more details but be sure to read the rules and submission guidelines before entering the competition. Judges will be marking entries out of 100 points based on: 

  • 30 points – Creativity and Originality 
  • 30 points – Technical Expertise 
  • 20 points – Composition and Design 
  • 20 points – Reflection of the Autodesk Brand

Don't forget to check out the amazing drawings, paintings and illustrations by the many iPad artists in our iPad Creative Flickr group, some of which have been created in Sketchbook Pro (including the ones here).

by yon~nie on flickr (click the picture to see the original version on flickr)