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P-51 Mustang. A masterful ArtRage painting by Joel Wittlif

With his splendid North American Aviation P-51 Mustang painting, Joel Wittlif hammers home both his considerable iPad painting talent and the advantages of the intricate natural media simulation in ArtRage. We love Joel's use of reduced colour tone and image detail to give his painting a real sense of depth. The glint of sunlight off the cockpit canopy and the motion effect of the propellers are the icing on the cake.

A good ArtRage painting can look almost indistinguishable from a traditional painting. It's not the most responsive painting app for the iPad, even on the iPad 2, but it is practically feature complete and a worthy addition to any artists iPad app collection.

Joel's painting is one of many stunning iPad creations that can be found in the iPad Creative Flickr Group.

App Store link: ArtRage

David Kassan uses a Nomad Brush Stylus

We came across this video from TechWebTV at this year's CES and the thing that stood out to us was New York based artist and iPad experimenter David Kassan using the Nomad Brush stylus we mentioned a few days ago.

David uses it with the fantastic ArtRage for iPad to paint oils onto his virtual canvas and you can see him blending in the oils, selecting colours, using the ArtRage interface, all with the Brush.

This gets us excited to think that the Nomad Brush can be used properly by a real artist as an input device on the iPad for painting. It looks like this may be the start of a new type of stylus for iPad artists.

If you have a Nomad Brush stylus or plan to get one, let us know in the comments.

ArtRage, a first glance at the future of iPad art

We'll return to ArtRage next week for a full review, but we just had to share some of these stunning ArtRage paintings that have recently appeared in the iPad Creative group on Flickr.

We think it's safe to say that ArtRage is a truly next generation painting app for the iPad. There are brush simulations included in ArtRage that are a first for the iOS platform. Just look at the oil painting above, this stunning watercolour and the vivid Storm Trooper art below! We wholeheartedly recommend ArtRage to every iPad artist.

Huge thanks to all the artists who regularly contribute to the iPad Creative, Art and Design group on Flickr. Special thanks to KJStro (Shades of Fall) and Susan Murtaugh (Storm Troopers).

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