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11 Year Old iPad Artists

We found this video on YouTube and thought you might like it.  Posted by a teacher at The International School in Kuala Lumpur, it features the work of some Year 7 students created on their iPads and it is quite impressive, especially when you consider these kids are only 11 years old.

Kickstarter Project: SketchPad Pro - iPad Storyboarding for Artists and Filmmakers

TikiBone have been developing 'SketchPad Pro: A Filmmaker's Storyboard for the iPad' for a while now. The app is designed to make the storyboarding workflow more instantly accessible, easier to share and cheaper (especially with regard to materials costs).

SketchPad Pro: A Filmmaker's Storyboard - KickStarter from TikiBone on Vimeo.

The team behind SketchPad Pro, Roger Trier (a storyboard artist) and Scott Ahten (iOS Developer, animator and VJ), have got the app to the point where it is almost ready for release, but to make it a truly awesome app that does all they want it to do for their customers, they need to be able to invest more time and resources into it.

This is where their Kickstarter Project comes in. Roger and Scott want to make the leap, quit their day jobs and go full time on SketchPad Pro (rather than developing it in their spare time as they have so far).

SketchPadPro Color Fan

They are after $20,000 funding to bring SketchPad Pro to final production by the end of the Summer. You can get on board with a pledge of just $5, this will help them out of course, but for $25 you can secure a copy of SketchPad Pro for yourself when it is released.

There are various other pledge levels, with some unique rewards, so if you're an Artist, Animator or Filmmaker or just interested in backing the project, check out the Kickstarter Page and let them know we sent you.

Mobile Artists Hit the UK

For three days last month a small group of talented iPad artists assembled together in Guildford, Surrey here in the UK for an iAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) event, the first of it's kind on these shores.

Organised by Paul Kercal, iPad artist and lecturer at Guildford College, assisted by a number of other artists and faculty staff, the event (Facebook page link) was a great success.

Photo courtesy of Valeri Beeby on Facebook

Although a small beginning it bodes well for future exploration and celebration of art creation on mobile, touchscreen, devices. Hopefully next year's event will bigger and attract a larger group of artists as they here about how much fun was had at this year's event.

Paul has created the video below which captures some of the sessions, the artwork created and the social events during the 3 day conference. There are also some photos of the conference on iAMDA's blog.

iPad Artists on Exhibit for SXSW

Juried by the super talented Corliss Blakely and tying in with this year's SXSW, the 'Art from iPad' Exhibition opens tonight in Austin, Texas.

This exhibition displays art created on the iPad by a range of artists, including some of the contributors to our iPad Creative Flickr Group. The art will be displayed in various ways using the Gallery's 58" HDTV, iMacs and iPads, as well as in printed form (which we would be most interested to see).

We would like to congratulate all the artists who will have their work exhibited, it is a fantastic demonstration of how the iPad can be used to create wonderful artistic content and an inspiration to others.

You can sample some of the art that will be exhibited in a special online preview. If you are fortunate enough to be headed to SXSW this weekend be sure to drop in and support your fellow iPad Creatives.

Art Authority - 50% off for 24 hours

Featuring more than 40,000 paintings and sculptures spanning the years 300 AD to modern day, Art Authority for iPad is a virtual museum designed to be both educational, informative and fun to just pick up and browse. The app is available for 50% off at $4.99 (normally $9.99) tomorrow only (26 November 2010) as part of the Black Friday sale.

If you have been thinking about getting Art Authority but the price has put you off, now is the time go and get it from the app store. The iPhone version is on sale too at $3.99 (usually $7.99).

Kyle Lambert's 10 out of 10 iPad paintings

UK based artist Kyle Lambert posted on YouTube yesterday the last in his series of 'Ten Celebrity Portraits in Ten Days'. These have all been painted on his iPad using just his finger and the wonderful Brushes app.

Beginning with Cheryl Cole and ending up with Rusell Brand, via Madonna (in the video above), Megan Fox, Will Smith and David Beckham plus others, this series really shows off Kyle's fantastic artistic ability. If you would like to see the whole series here is a link to all 10 videos.

Kyle Lambert's work, among others, also helps to demonstrate how the iPad enables visual artists to create wonderful content, given the right combination of talent and iPad app.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Kyle has been getting quite a bit of media attention recently which is also helping people see the iPad as more than just a 'consumption' decice. Kyle's Beyonce image painting video currently has more than 290,000 views on YouTube.

We would like to congratulate Kyle on his series of celebrity portraits and look forward to seeing more of his work on the iPad in the future.

Don't forget to check out what other talented artists are creating on their iPads amongst the more than 2700 pieces submitted to the iPad Creative Flickr group.