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Real artists use an iPad

One of the most impressive things about the iPad so far has been the way that artists have taken to it as a creative device. Our Flickr group is growing fast and there are some excellent examples there of iPad produced art using various apps.

If you have ever wondered how an artist goes about creating their art on an iPad, have a look at the video below from New York based artist David Jon Kassan. It is a 3 hour sitting condensed down into just under 8 minutes, and it is amazing to watch how David builds and blends the portrait with the wonderful Brushes app.

Apparently the sitting was broadcast as a live stream last Monday, 21st June from David's studio, during which he chatted and answered questions about using the iPad for creative purposes. If you saw any of that live stream and heard what David had to say we would like to hear what you thought in the comments.

In the meantime, grab a drink, sit back, and watch an artist at work:

CreativeLIVE - Free Skills and Software Training From Top Creatives

Chase Jarvis is an inspirational pro photographer and visual artist who has a really great attitude to sharing his knowledge and experience with other Creatives to form a community spirit around creating art, especially in the fields of photography, and more recently, video.

Chase has just launched a venture in conjunction with CreativeTechs which they are calling CreativeLIVE.  CreativeTechs have already established themselves as providers of free, live streaming, software and skills instruction in the creative field, and we have recently benefitted from some of their free courses including Lightrooom, iPhone application programming, and Photography instruction.

Now they have upped their game by including free instruction from some of the leading names in the creative fields, and the list is impressive.  From Chase's blog:

On the photography side of things, we excited to announce in quarter one featuring Vincent LaForetDavid DuCheminZack AriasScott Bourne, Art Wolfe, and many others. Wanna learn how to have vision in photography? We've got the instructor. HD Dslr Cinema, we've got it. Lighting? We've got it. Software? We've got that too. And if we don't have it? Tell us and if there's demand, we'll create it for you.´╗┐

There are some great photographers featured here, but other areas will be covered too, there is a Watercolor 101 class starting on 28th May for example. This is something we are really excited about and we wanted to let you know about it too.  The live streaming courses use WebEx Webinar software, and we usually join the webinar on our Macs, but the release of the WebEx client for the iPad has us wondering if we can join these classes from our iPads.

We know you can watch the paid-for course downloads, which are great value, on the iPhone or iPad, but the iPad seems the perfect device to watch and learn on whilst sat on the sofa instead of having to get the laptop out and plug it all in.

Chase Jarvis has made an introductory video which you can see below, and the iPad makes a brief appearance at 1:07.  We recommend you definitely check out the new CreativeLIVE´╗┐ website.


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