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GhostGuitar: Air guitar just got real

We haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but we can't wait! GhostGuitar is ticking all the right geek boxes.

Imagine a future where iPads with 20MP 3D cameras can detect even the slightest movement in any dimension. The mind boggles!

App Store Link: GhostGuitar

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Augmented reality, a natural fit for the iPad?

Some time ago Word Lens for the iPhone convinced us that the next iPad would surely have a back facing camera. Fortunately Apple agreed with us.

We've played around with quite a number of A.R. (Augmented Reality) apps on the iPhone and while many of them have potential, none seem essential. Certainly Word Lens is the closest that we've seen to an A.R. killer app on iOS.

The iPad 2 might make a much better fit for A.R. applications

The larger display and vastly superior graphics and general processing power of the iPad 2 should enable developers to stretch their imaginations somewhat. Total Immersion seem to be on the right track with their forthcoming AR Magic Mirror iPad 2 app. In many ways it seems more like of a demonstration of the possibilities as opposed to anything particularly useful, but taken as such, we are really keen to give it a spin in the near future.

A.R. is in its infancy, the creative possibilities are almost boundless!

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