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iPad Guitarists - get excited!

This has got us excited (yes, again!). 4pockets.com, makers of Windows Mobile apps for Guitar and Audio amongst other software apps plus Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad have just released a teaser trailer of their new app StompBox for the iPad.

This is a 'rack based' Guitar amp modelling and effects app and only the second Guitar FX app specifically made for the iPad that we are aware of (IK Multimedia's AmpliTube being the other).

The rack based approach makes for a less good looking app than AmpliTube, but there will be colour skins available for each module and some of the audio samples in the video sound really good.

Big features to get excited about though are media import with variable speed audio playback without changing the pitch and A/B type looping of audio sections (for learning those tricky guitar solos) plus a 4 Track Recorder module!

It remains to be seen what the other sounds, especially the distortion, are like in reality, but the feature set looks very impressive, the interface is designed for the iPad and there a number of unique features that differentiate StompBox from the other guitar effects apps.

Check out the video below and as soon as we know more we will post it here.:

(Our thanks to PalmSounds blog for the heads up on this one, be sure to check out Ashley's site for more portable audio goodness)

AmpliTube for iPad, a first look from Music Radar

We haven't had the chance to play with AmpliTube for iPad yet, however Music Radar have put this amazing app/hardware combo through its paces and was kind enough to share the results on YouTube.

It would take an extremely jaded old rocker to not be impressed. Game changer? We think so. Enjoy the videos, more on AmpliTube for iPad soon. Here is the free version of AmpliTube to get you started.

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