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Rockmate: Realtime multi-musician music creation

A recent survey revealed that the iPad is the most-wanted holiday gift among kids aged 6 to 12, the Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS were way behind in the rankings. While we would expect most kids to be interested in consuming content - and yes the iPad is superbly suited to consuming content of all kinds - it's the creative side of the iPad experience that will have the most impact on young minds. For young minds interested in creating music, Rockmate by Fingerlabs is an essential app. In fact, we think Rockmate is an essential app for just about anybody!

Ready to rock

Rockmate is a music studio that can support up to four realtime musicians. Essentially, Rockmate splits the iPad screen into four musical instrument interfaces. The drum kit, two guitars and a keyboard are highly customisable. Though there are 24 band styles that can be selected - with each style setting the parameters for every instrument accordingly - adjustments to each of the four instruments can be made independent of each other.

Rockmate isn't just about live performances, it also supports recording and overdubbing. While it's ideally suited to a group of musicians looking to make music on one iPad, the overdubbing feature makes it simple for one musician to put something special together quickly.

A quintessential iPad app

There is no other computing platform that is so obviously prepared for something like Rockmate. A regular laptop doesn't have multi-touch and a smartphone, even one as powerful as the iPhone 4S, is simply too small. Rockmate is truly a headline act, an app that validates the iPad as a content creation tool. Rockmate will be on sale at a reduced price until 21 December 2011. Get it while it's cheap!

App Store Link: Rockmate

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Albert HD: A holographic iPad experience made from 1000 pieces of cardboard!

Albert HD is a new game from Fingerlab that looks like nothing we've ever seen before. The 14 mini games are bound together with some gloriously creative artwork. The hand animated characters combined with an impressive holographic effect seem to be particularly eye-catching.

Albert HD is due for realise on the 8th of February, follow us on Twitter for a reminder.

Update: It's here! Albert HD