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Apple's 'What will your verse be?' iPad adverts


Both of these iPad adverts are inspiring. They both show the iPad being used to create wonderful content, so why am I left feeling underwhelmed?

The cuts are too quick, and the examples of content creation on offer are beyond the average iPad owner. It's all too idealistic. These adverts portray the iPad as the creative tool for outliers, for people who live unusual lives. As inspiring and aspirational as these films are, they are largely ineffective.

The best Apple advert of the post Steve Jobs era is the iPhone Christmas video advert, the one where the young lad captures a moment in time and shares it with his family — ordinary situations made memorable by the full use of everyday Apple devices and applications, this is where Apple should go with iPad advertising, I think. Making the ordinary, extraordinary.

At the intersection of liberal arts and technology

Probably the most powerful Apple advert in a long while. Here Apple is once again promoting the iPad as a platform for creativity... as if we had forgotten!

Learn: The best iPad advert so far

To be fair to Apple's competitors most of the subjects presented in this new iPad 2 advert can be researched via the internet on any tablet device, but having a dedicated app makes the process of learning that much faster and more enjoyable. This why the iPad will continue to outsell all the competition combined for months and possibly years to come.

Education could be the human endeavour that has the most to gain from the arrival of the iPad. It's hard to conceive of the computer better suited to learning.

We think this is the best iPad advert so far, but what do you think?

iPad is Electric - New iPad TV ad from Apple

We were thrilled to see Apple's iPad TV advert, 'iPad is Electric'. Within 30 seconds the viewer is informed that the iPad can assist them with the following: 

  • Blockbuster movie purchasing and viewing
  • Learning
  • Constructing and managing emails
  • Presenting
  • Online purchasing of goods and property
  • Gaming
  • Music performance and creation

Apple manage all this in just 30 seconds without a single word of spoken dialogue. It's true that the viewer will not pick up all the details in their first or second viewing, but after multiple viewings, over the next month or so, the message will begin to hit home; the iPad is for content consumption and content creation.

The best part of the is new advert is the hat-tip to AmpliTube, the beautiful guitar effects processor.

New iPad TV advert from Apple

Apple have done a fine job of getting the point across with this new iPad advert. The iPad is a blank slate, it can become whatever you need it to be.

Obviously, we would love to see the 'artful' section expanded to a full 30 second advert of its own.

You're not paid to churn paper, you're paid to use your brain

Just over 3 years ago we tuned into the first Apple iPhone commercial, famously remembered for the phrase "Hello"! During the 2010 Oscars the first iPad advert was played to an audience of celebrities and those watching from home. The first iPad commercial is markedly different to the first iPhone ad. In the iPhone advert, recycled clips from movie scenes are presented in brief rushes followed by the release date and a glimpse of the iPhone.

More recently Apple have added a certain clarity to iPhone adverts, less audacious perhaps, but certainly more mainstream and accessible. For the first iPad advert Apple is following its more recent trend of showing what the device can do. The advert is sharp, it shows a variety of apps on offer at the same time as giving a feeling of size. It gives out a relaxing vibe, showing the user with his feet up.

Looking back you can see a welcomed change in the way Apple is presenting its new innovative products. Clearly this new style is working. However, here at iPad Creative we still hanker after something a tad more epic, such as this original Macintosh advert... and no, it's not the advert you think it is. Enjoy!