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The Art of Destruction

Photograph by Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild

It seems to be 'Art Friday' here at iPad Creative. You may well have seen this already around the web, but it both fascinates and horrifies us so we thought we would make sure you knew about it too!

Digital artist Michael Tompert of Raygun Studio (a former Apple employee) teamed up with photographer Paul Fairchild to create a series of 12 photos depicting:

"iconoclastic details of devotionals of our culture...combining high-resolution photography, scanography and self-referential iPhone photography. The 12 images are large scale yet microscopic, providing a canvas for contemplating our relationship with fetish, fashion, freedom & bondage."

The images were displayed in an exhibition entitled 12LVE in San Francisco last weekend and are due to be shown in Palo Alto in December.

Given the attachment users generally have to their expensive gadgets, arguably more so with Apple devotees, the photographs are evocative and controversial. Comments on the various articles covering this series have ranged from appreciation for the message conveyed in destroying these modern expensive devices, to extreme anger at the cost and 'waste' plus disparaging comments about Mr Tompert's sanity.

Whilst it would take us personally a long time to scrape together enough pennies to purchase even one of these devices, there is a certain beauty to the images, and we take the point of Michael Tompert quoted in a very good LA Times article about this exhibition:

"the photography project was intended to be humorous and tongue in cheek. At the same time, he wanted people to think more deeply about their relationship to these ubiquitous devices."

What do you think about this? We would be interested to hear from you, let us know in the comments below. 

More information

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The original article by Cult of Mac about the 12LVE exhibition and another post featuring all 12 images with detailed information on each photo detailing how each device was destroyed.